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  1. Valauble natural resource in nigeria
  2. Sharpeville massacre
  3. Valauable resources
  4. Nations founded by former slaves
  5. Government over the years in Nigeria
  1. a They borrowed money and couldn't pay it bak
  2. b Gold and diamonds
  3. c Liberria, Sierra leonne
  4. d Peacful protests that led to violence
  5. e Oil

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  1. Timbuktu
  2. Western Sudan
  3. When Europeans made decisions about civilizing Africa- when they put certain groups togeter, they didn't get along
  4. Education
  5. To find a way to trade with other countries and make trading ports

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  1. BiafraA group of people who wanted to break away and start their own country


  2. Desmond tutuEncouraged Africans to value their heritage


  3. Former Zimbabwe nameZimbabwe rhodesia


  4. Cecil rhodesEngland


  5. AnimiinismBelif that things in nature have a soul


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