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  1. Main lcation of civiliaztions
  2. Abolition
  3. Cecil rhodes
  4. European motive for exploring
  5. Nelson Mandela
  1. a To find a way to trade with other countries and make trading ports
  2. b Timbuktu
  3. c Buisnesman who promoted imperialism in africa
  4. d Movenmtn to end slavery
  5. e Fought apartheid and was the first black president

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  1. A group of people who wanted to break away and start their own country
  2. Covered up the genocide
  3. Gold and silver
  4. Term for horrible journey for the newly captured purchased slaves
  5. Western Sudan

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  1. Valauable resourcesGold and diamonds


  2. DesertificationWhen people communicate with the dead to figure put why things are happening


  3. Soltuin to adisEducation


  4. BoersDutch settlers in Africa that set up 2 independent repulcs


  5. 4 major civilizationsEmpire of Ghana, mali a, Songhai, Zimbabwe


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