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  1. Nelson Mandela
  2. Sharpeville massacre
  3. Robert mugabe
  4. Middle passage
  5. Desertification
  1. a Leader of indpence struggle
  2. b Fought apartheid and was the first black president
  3. c The Chang elf semi deserted land into actual desert land
  4. d Peacful protests that led to violence
  5. e Term for horrible journey for the newly captured purchased slaves

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  1. Lack of education
  2. Mass killing of a certain race
  3. England
  4. Common agreement
  5. Gold and silver

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  1. JanjaweedGrass land reigon in africa


  2. Valauable resourcesGold and diamonds


  3. Ethnic issues in nigeriaBiodiverse people, deffiences in culture and caused the civil war to break up


  4. Leopold 2 and the Congo free stateExplored humN and mineral resources and forced African communities tl produce a certain amount of ivory and rubber without getting paid


  5. County supporting sudanCommon agreement


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