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  1. Ethnic issues in nigeria
  2. Main lcation of civiliaztions
  3. Sharpeville massacre
  4. F.w. De klerk
  5. Negritude
  1. a Biodiverse people, deffiences in culture and caused the civil war to break up
  2. b Encouraged Africans to value their heritage
  3. c Timbuktu
  4. d Peacful protests that led to violence
  5. e Allwoed apartheid was white

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  1. They borrowed money and couldn't pay it bak
  2. Explored humN and mineral resources and forced African communities tl produce a certain amount of ivory and rubber without getting paid
  3. Angry people responsible for killing
  4. Belif that things in nature have a soul
  5. Black leader against segregation

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  1. GenocideAngry people responsible for killing


  2. 4 major civilizationsGold and silver


  3. Cause of aidsLack of education


  4. BoersA group of people who wanted to break away and start their own country


  5. Mansa mussCommon agreement


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