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  1. Role of sudans goverment
  2. Leopold 2 and the Congo free state
  3. Triangular trade route
  4. Soweto disturbance
  5. Savanna
  1. a Explored humN and mineral resources and forced African communities tl produce a certain amount of ivory and rubber without getting paid
  2. b 1. Sugar, cotton, tobacco from Europe to Americas
    2. Texiles, rum, and manufactured goods from Africa to Europe
    3. Slaves from africa to the Americas
  3. c Grass land reigon in africa
  4. d Supported janjaweed
  5. e Law where africans had to learn afrikaner

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  1. Belgium, France, Germany, spain
  2. Western Sudan
  3. Dutch settlers in Africa that set up 2 independent repulcs
  4. England
  5. Biodiverse people, deffiences in culture and caused the civil war to break up

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  1. Mansa mussCommon agreement


  2. GenocideEncouraged Africans to value their heritage


  3. F.w. De klerkAllwoed apartheid was white


  4. NegritudeEncouraged Africans to value their heritage


  5. Valauble natural resource in nigeriaGold and diamonds


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