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  1. outlandish
  2. insatiable
  3. martinet
  4. stoic
  5. rudimentary
  1. a seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain
  2. b a rigid military disciplinarian
  3. c not capable of being fully satisfied
  4. d elementary
  5. e strikingly bizarre or unfamiliar

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  1. to cause to become confused or perplexed
  2. given to excessive and often trivial talk
  3. to interpret, to explain the meaning of
  4. poisonous or harmful to living things
  5. to overlook, or to permit to happen

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  1. contritefeeling regret & sorrow for things one has done wrong


  2. equivocateto use evasive or ambiguous language, often to mislead; circumlocute


  3. volitionwill; conscious choice


  4. audaciousfull of animation and spirit, lively


  5. conundruma difficult, unsolvable, or self-contradictory problem


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