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  1. titanic
  2. vacillate
  3. martinet
  4. garrulous
  5. prostrate
  1. a a family of mythological giants
  2. b to reduce to extreme weakness; to overcome
  3. c given to excessive and often trivial talk
  4. d a rigid military disciplinarian
  5. e to be indecisive; to waiver back and forth

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  1. to right a wrong, to make up for
  2. about to die
  3. having great fullness, size, or number
  4. marked by sterness, harshness, ill temper
  5. pleasant, harmonious sound

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  1. vivaciouspoisonous or harmful to living things


  2. irresoluteundecided or uncertain about what to do; wavering


  3. unscathedto leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself


  4. disparateto clear of blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof


  5. incongruouslacking in harmony, incompatible


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