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  1. austere
  2. philanthropy
  3. exalt
  4. atrophy
  5. paragon
  1. a love of human kind or donating to charity
  2. b to waste away; to wither or deteriorate
  3. c severe or stern in personality or appearance; somber and grave
  4. d a model of perfection
  5. e to raise in rank, character, status,

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  1. having hidden meaning, mysterious
  2. to be indecisive; to waiver back and forth
  3. new or original
  4. to flood or cover over with water
  5. not capable of being fully satisfied

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  1. fervorto raise in rank, character, status,


  2. patenta rigid military disciplinarian


  3. volitionwill; conscious choice


  4. vociferousmarked by noisy, forceful, or intense outcries


  5. conspicuousstanding out, obvious


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