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  1. John Deere
  2. judicial branch
  3. judicial review
  4. confederation
  5. Cyrus McCormick
  1. a review/interpret the laws
    courts= life
  2. b the Supreme Court's power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional
  3. c loose alliance based upon interest
  4. d invented the steel plow
  5. e invented the mechanical reaper

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  1. the use of ship to prevent movement into and out of a port or region
  2. abolished slavery
  3. 1st battle of the Civil War
  4. enforces the laws
    President= 4 years
  5. a government ban on trade with one or more nations

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  1. Andersonvilletake on a another person's culture


  2. Louisiana Purchasedoubled the size of America


  3. John Wilkes Boothassassinated Abe Lincoln at Ford's Theatre


  4. interchangeable partsN.A. forced migration to the Midwest


  5. Dorothea Dixestablished medical facilities for the insane, improved prison conditions


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