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  1. judicial branch
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Sacajawea
  4. William Lloyd Garrison
  5. Louisiana Purchase
  1. a review/interpret the laws
    courts= life
  2. b 1st secretary of the state (leader of the Democratic-Republicans)
  3. c interpreter/guide of Lewis and Clark
  4. d doubled the size of America
  5. e promoted abolition through newspapers ---> "The Liberator"

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  1. 1. 35 years old, resident for 14 years, natural born citizen
    2. 30 years old, resident for 9 years, reside in state elected
    3. 25 years old, resident for 7 years, reside in state elected
  2. P.O.W. camp in Georgia where soldiers were treated inhumanely
  3. activist for abolition & women's suffrage, made the speech "Ain't I A Woman?"
  4. a gov't in which citizens rule through elected reps
  5. assassinated Abe Lincoln at Ford's Theatre

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  1. 54th Massachusetts Infantryfirst group of all black soldiers


  2. Judiciary Act of 1789established the federal court system and the number of Supreme court justices


  3. secedeformal withdrawal of a state from the Union


  4. Robert E. Leeinvented the steamboat


  5. reformto reject


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