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  1. gag rule
  2. Robert E. Lee
  3. John Deere
  4. Emancipation Proclamation
  5. Sojourner Truth
  1. a freed all slaves in the Confederate states
  2. b a rule limiting or preventing debate on an issue
  3. c invented the steel plow
  4. d activist for abolition & women's suffrage, made the speech "Ain't I A Woman?"
  5. e commander of the Confederate army

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  1. union general
  2. doubled the size of America
  3. movement to end slavery
  4. 1st female medical grad
  5. opening shots of the Civil War

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  1. exporttaking products out of the country


  2. Appomattox Court Housepeople who worked to help end slavery


  3. SacajaweaPresident's chief advisors


  4. importtaking products out of the country


  5. sectionalismAbe Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation


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