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  1. ratify
  2. 15th Amendment
  3. cabinet
  4. secede
  5. Battle of Bull Run
  1. a President's chief advisors
  2. b prohibits the denial of voting rights to people due to race, color or previous slaves
  3. c official approval to the Constitution, or of an amendment, by the states.
  4. d 1st battle of the Civil War
  5. e formal withdrawal of a state from the Union

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  1. P.O.W. camp in Georgia where soldiers were treated inhumanely
  2. president of the Confederacy
  3. assassinated Abe Lincoln at Ford's Theatre
  4. a rule limiting or preventing debate on an issue
  5. 1st female medical grad

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  1. confederationthe U.S. would support neither side in a conflict


  2. Louisiana Purchasedoubled the size of America


  3. Mary Lyonestablished the first college for women (Mount Holyoke)


  4. Sacajaweainterpreter/guide of Lewis and Clark


  5. neutralitythe U.S. would support neither side in a conflict


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