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  1. assimilate
  2. 14th Amendment
  3. Thomas Jackson
  4. embargo
  5. John Wilkes Booth
  1. a all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. were citizens of the country and guaranteed equal protection of the laws
  2. b nicknamed "Stonewall Jackson" during the Battle of Bull Run by Union troops"
  3. c assassinated Abe Lincoln at Ford's Theatre
  4. d take on a another person's culture
  5. e a government ban on trade with one or more nations

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  1. invented the steel plow
  2. established the federal court system and the number of Supreme court justices
  3. the U.S. would support neither side in a conflict
  4. taking products out of the country
  5. N.A. forced migration to the Midwest

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  1. Lewis & Clark1. wanted to find path to the Pacific Ocean
    2. establish relations w/ Native Americans
    3. document everything


  2. nationalisma devotion to the interests and culture of one's nation


  3. Dorothea Dixthe use of ship to prevent movement into and out of a port or region


  4. Appomattox Court Housetown where Lee surrendered to Grant on April 9, 1865


  5. popular sovereigntyresidents vote on slavery


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