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  1. legislative branch
  2. Judiciary Act of 1789
  3. 15th Amendment
  4. Robert E. Lee
  5. import
  1. a commander of the Confederate army
  2. b creates the laws
    senate= 6 years
    House of Reps= 2 years
  3. c prohibits the denial of voting rights to people due to race, color or previous slaves
  4. d bringing products into the country
  5. e established the federal court system and the number of Supreme court justices

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  1. first group of all black soldiers
  2. parts that you can change
  3. placing the interests of one region over those of the whole nation
  4. freed all slaves in the Confederate states
  5. 1st secretary of the state (leader of the Democratic-Republicans)

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  1. Emma Williardestablished the first "high school" for women


  2. Robert Fultonopening shots of the Civil War


  3. Lewis & Clarkdoubled the size of America


  4. manifest destinythe belief that America would expand to the Pacific Ocean


  5. Battle of Bull Run1st battle of the Civil War


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