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  1. Amendment1
  2. Federal Agencies
  3. Amendment 6
  4. Judicial Review
  5. Affect of poverty of young people
  1. a power of legal court system to review laws to see if they are unconstitutiona
  2. b Freedom of speech, religion, press, petition, and to assemble
  3. c -Executive Office of the President
  4. d joining a gang because gangs commit crimes that benefit the members beneficially
  5. e -provides for a speedy trial
    -must be informed of your crime
    -right to confront, question, and provide witnesses
    -impartial jury
    -right to an attorney

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  1. denial of food, shelter, water
  2. Rights not listed in the Constitution cannot be taken away nor new amendments be written to take away the Bill of Rights
  3. a soldier cannot live in your house without your consent
  4. protection from excessive bail, excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishment
  5. what the lawmakes who passed a law wanted the law to mean. If the language of a statute is unclear, judge will often look at this to help them interpret the law

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  1. Bill of Rightsthe first ten amendments to the US Constitution


  2. Vetothe power or right vested in one branch of government to cancel or postpone the decisions of another branch, especially the right of the president


  3. Amendment 10a soldier cannot live in your house without your consent


  4. Article 2legislative branch


  5. Amendment 5a soldier cannot live in your house without your consent


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