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  1. How do judges become judges?
  2. Amendment 3
  3. Judicial Review
  4. Amendment 8
  5. Human rights violations (not in the Constitution)
  1. a elected and appointed; in new jersey they are appointed
  2. b protection from excessive bail, excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishment
  3. c a soldier cannot live in your house without your consent
  4. d denial of food, shelter, water
  5. e power of legal court system to review laws to see if they are unconstitutiona

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  1. kind of law that local governments make
  2. -provides for a speedy trial
    -must be informed of your crime
    -right to confront, question, and provide witnesses
    -impartial jury
    -right to an attorney
  3. judicial branch
  4. executive branch
  5. what the lawmakes who passed a law wanted the law to mean. If the language of a statute is unclear, judge will often look at this to help them interpret the law

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  1. Article 1legislative branch


  2. Appellate Courtslisten to testimony, consider evidence, and decide the fact in disputed situations


  3. Amendment 10Right to be secure in your home from government agencies, soldiers, press, etc. and against unreasonable search and seisure


  4. Federal Agencieskind of law that local governments make


  5. Jurisprudencethe study of law and legal philosophy


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