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  1. Describe the lateral chain ganglia?
  2. In regards to the SNS, where do preganglionic B fibers originate?
  3. In regards to the SNS, once the preganglionic B fibers exit the spinal cord with the ventral ramus they synapse. Where do they synapse?
  4. What are the target organs of the middle cervical ganglions (C5-C6) & the stellate ganglions?
  5. What forms the stellate ganglion?
  1. a Synapse in the lateral chain ganglia along the ventrolateral surface of the vertebral bodies or pass thru to synapse in other (collateral) sympathetic ganglia.
  2. b Inferior cervical ganglion fuses w/ T1.
  3. c Paravertebral ganglia T1-L2 on the anterolateral surface of the vertebral bodies.
  4. d Heart
    All preganglionic fibers arise below the stellate, blockade at this level affects all sympathetics above this level.
  5. e In the intermediolateral cell column segments T1-L2 or L3

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  1. Ketamine, dextromethorphan, methadone, PCP
    Useful in chronic pain syndrome
  2. Celiac plexus
  3. Postgagnlionic neurons (unmyelinated C fibers).
  4. T1 or below
  5. With the ventral ramus.

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  1. What does the sensitization of peripheral (C-fibers) & central (dorsal horn laminae 1& 2) involve?↑ spontaneous neuronal activity d/t ectopic pacemakers (probably dysfunctional Na channels)
    ↑ response to stimuli
    ↓ stimulus threshold (less stimulation required to cause nerves to fire).


  2. Describe the cardiac plexusSuperficial & deep divisions.
    Both organized around the aortic arch.


  3. What do the collateral ganglia accommodate?Cardiac, celiac, superior % inferior mesenteric ganglia.


  4. Describe the dorsal horn changes that occur w/ sympathetically mediated pain.There is a sensitization of peripheral (C-fibers) & central (dorsal horn laminae 1& 2).


  5. What is "cross talk"?Abnormal connections by demyelinated (loss of myelin d/t some sort of neurologic phenomenon) neurons called ephapses.


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