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  1. What are NMDA receptors important for?
  2. Where does the cervical sympathetic chain receive its input from?
  3. What occurs with LTP?
  4. What forms the stellate ganglion?
  5. Where does the cardiac plexus receive its sympathetic input from?
  1. a Inferior cervical ganglion fuses w/ T1.
  2. b ↑ in receptive field of nociceptive neurons d/t formation of more dendrite connections in the dorsal horn.
    Dropout of inhibitory neurons.
  3. c T1-T4
  4. d In triggering wide dynamic range (WDR) neurons that are responsible for generalization of specific nociceptive info.
  5. e T1 or below

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  1. Involves repetitive noxious stimuli (c-fibers)->prolonged discharge of dorsal horn cells-> progressive ↑ in APs per stimulus->long term potentiation (LTP).
  2. Celiac plexus
  3. Receives all presynaptic input enters from L1 & L2.
    These ganglia are not fused but the coccygeal ganglia meet at the midline
  4. In the intermediolateral cell column segments T1-L2 or L3
  5. Somatic: preganglionic-Ach
    PNS: preganglionic & postganglionic-Ach
    SNS: preganglionic-Ach, postganglionic-NE

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  1. What are the collateral ganglia?Cardiac, celiac, superior % inferior mesenteric ganglia.


  2. What are the target organs of the superior cervical ganglions (C1-C4)?Iris & ciliary body
    Lacrimal & salivary glands
    Parotid gland


  3. Describe the dorsal horn changes that occur w/ sympathetically mediated pain.A-beta fibers form abnormal connections in shallow laminae (1 & 2)->normal sensory input interpreted as high intensity noxious stimuli.
    ↑ gene expression for receptors for pain related neurotransmitters (substance P).
    ↓ opioid binding sites.


  4. What type of neuron leave the ganglia and travel to segmental nerves & target organs?Aspartate, glutamate, etc-released by c-fiber stimulation.


  5. In regards to the cardiac plexus, where does parasympathetic input arise from?Vagus & recurrent laryngeal nerves.


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