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  1. Describe the cardiac plexus
  2. What are the target organs of the superior mesenteric ganglion?
  3. In regards to the cardiac plexus, where does parasympathetic input arise from?
  4. What are NMDA receptors important for?
  5. Describe the cervical lateral chain.
  1. a In triggering wide dynamic range (WDR) neurons that are responsible for generalization of specific nociceptive info.
  2. b Superficial & deep divisions.
    Both organized around the aortic arch.
  3. c Located in the neck. All presynaptic input enters from T1 w/ minor contributions from T2 & T3. Cervical lateral chain ganglia are fused.
  4. d Vagus & recurrent laryngeal nerves.
  5. e Large & small bowel

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  1. Lower colon & rectum
  2. Phenomenon where neurons carrying normal sensory info cross over & are interpreted as high intensity pain & accounts for allodynia
  3. ↑ spontaneous neuronal activity d/t ectopic pacemakers (probably dysfunctional Na channels)
    ↑ response to stimuli
    ↓ stimulus threshold (less stimulation required to cause nerves to fire).
  4. Paravertebral ganglia T1-L2 on the anterolateral surface of the vertebral bodies.
  5. Celiac plexus

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  1. What are the preganglionic and postganglionic neurotransmitters for the somatic nervous system, the PNS, and SNS?Somatic: preganglionic-Ach
    PNS: preganglionic & postganglionic-Ach
    SNS: preganglionic-Ach, postganglionic-NE


  2. In regards to the SNS, where do preganglionic B fibers originate?In the intermediolateral cell column segments T1-L2 or L3


  3. Where is the cervical sympathetic chain located?Lies on the anterolateral surface of the vertebral bodies.


  4. Blocking what ganglion will knock out all the sympathetics, why, and what can it result in?Stellate ganglion. All preganglionic fibers arise below the stellate ganglion.
    Could result in Horner's syndrome


  5. What occurs with LTP?↑ in receptive field of nociceptive neurons d/t formation of more dendrite connections in the dorsal horn.
    Dropout of inhibitory neurons.


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