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  1. Where do the celiac ganglion (collateral ganglion) receive its input?
  2. What are the superior cervical ganglion?
  3. Describe the cervical lateral chain.
  4. What are the target organs of the hypogastric ganglion?
  5. Where does the cardiac plexus receive its sympathetic input from?
  1. a Urogenital organs
  2. b T1-T4
  3. c Located in the neck. All presynaptic input enters from T1 w/ minor contributions from T2 & T3. Cervical lateral chain ganglia are fused.
  4. d C1-C4
  5. e From the greater & lesser splanchnic nerves.

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  1. Stellate
  2. C5-C6
  3. Lumbar sympathetic ganglion.
  4. ↑ in receptive field of nociceptive neurons d/t formation of more dendrite connections in the dorsal horn.
    Dropout of inhibitory neurons.
  5. Abnormal connections by demyelinated (loss of myelin d/t some sort of neurologic phenomenon) neurons called ephapses.

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  1. What are the target organs for the celiac ganglion?Stomach, small bowel, adrenal medulla


  2. In regards to the lumbo-sacral lateral chain, where do most sympathetic fibers to the lower ext pass thru, and what would blockade at this level cause?Pass thru L2/L3. Causes near complete sympathectomy of the lower ext.


  3. In regards to the cardiac plexus, where does sympathetic input arise from?Cervical ganglia.


  4. What are the target organs of the superior cervical ganglions (C1-C4)?Lower colon & rectum


  5. Where does the cervical sympathetic chain receive its input from?Lies on the anterolateral surface of the vertebral bodies.


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