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  1. What are the collateral ganglia?
  2. What does CRPS stand for?
  3. Blocking what ganglion is indicated in treatment & diagnosis of pain syndromes, vascular insufficiency, hyperhidrosis, and dysrhythmias?
  4. What are the target organs for the celiac ganglion?
  5. What does C fiber sensitization lead to?
  1. a Stellate
  2. b Complex regional pain syndrome.
  3. c Cardiac, celiac, superior % inferior mesenteric ganglia.
  4. d ↑ adrenergic receptors
    ↑ sensitivity to stimuli (↑ action potential per stimulus)
    ↑ "cross talk"
  5. e Stomach, small bowel, adrenal medulla

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  1. T1 or below
  2. Heart
    All preganglionic fibers arise below the stellate, blockade at this level affects all sympathetics above this level.
  3. Superior hypogastric plexus & ganglion impar
  4. Iris & ciliary body
    Lacrimal & salivary glands
    Parotid gland
  5. Aspartate, glutamate, etc-released by c-fiber stimulation.

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  1. In regards to the lumbo-sacral lateral chain, where do most sympathetic fibers to the lower ext pass thru, and what would blockade at this level cause?Cervical ganglia.


  2. Describe "cross talk".Abnormal connections by demyelinated (loss of myelin d/t some sort of neurologic phenomenon) neurons called ephapses.


  3. What are the target organs of the hypogastric ganglion?Stomach, small bowel, adrenal medulla


  4. What are the inferior cervical ganglion?C1-C4


  5. What are the superior cervical ganglion?C1-C4


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