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  1. Physical and chemical laws are?
  2. Unconformity
  3. it took 4 billion years to set
  4. Precambrian Time
  5. Disconformity
  1. a constant
  2. b 87% of Geological Time
  3. c Stage for Life
  4. d Discontinuity in the
    succession of Rock Strata
  5. e beds above and below the unconformity are parallel
    and horizontal to one another

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  1. the nucleus
  2. each period of time has an unique and characteristic set of fossils
  3. Time of no life
  4. James Hutton,
  5. inclusions (rock fragments) are always older than the host

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  1. Each Isotopic Reaction
    has a


  2. Mesozoic EraAge of the Mammals


  3. Absolute time (quantitative)25% Parent, 75% Daughter


  4. Paleozoic EraAge of the Mammals


  5. An example of decay from parent product to daughter producturanium to lead


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