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  1. All 3 are unconformity
  2. Nonconformity
  3. half-life
  4. Cenozoic Era
  5. Atomic number decreases
    due to decay of
  1. a igneous or metamorphic rocks overlain by horizontal sedimentary rock
  2. b time it takes for ½ of the isotope
    to decay
  3. c Angular Unconformity, Disconformity, Nonconformity
  4. d the nucleus
  5. e Age of the Mammals

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  1. is the key to Past
  2. years missing/cap in time
  3. Stage for Life
  4. inclusions (rock fragments) are always older than the host
  5. 25% Parent, 75% Daughter

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  1. Angular Unconformitytilted beds overlain by nearly horizontal beds


  2. Each Isotopic Reaction
    has a


  3. An example of decay from parent product to daughter producturanium to lead


  4. The Earth age4.6 Billion Years Old


  5. Father of GeologyJames Hutton,


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