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  1. Each Isotopic Reaction
    has a
  2. Principle of Superposition
  3. Present
  4. Precambrian Time
  5. Paleozoic Era
  1. a oldest bed on bottom and youngest bed on top
  2. b 87% of Geological Time
  3. c Age of ancient life
  4. d is the key to Past
  5. e half-life

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  1. the nucleus
  2. Stage for Life
  3. Discontinuity in the
    succession of Rock Strata
  4. Angular Unconformity, Disconformity, Nonconformity
  5. 600 million years ago

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  1. hiatusyears missing/cap in time


  2. Precambrian:Time of no life


  3. Physical and chemical laws are?50% Parent, 50% Daughter


  4. Principle of Cross-Cutting Relationshipinclusions (rock fragments) are always older than the host


  5. Mesozoic EraAge of the Mammals


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