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  1. Paleozoic Era
  2. Mesozoic Era
  3. An example of decay from parent product to daughter product
  4. Unconformity
  5. Disconformity
  1. a Age of the Dinosaurs
  2. b Discontinuity in the
    succession of Rock Strata
  3. c Age of ancient life
  4. d beds above and below the unconformity are parallel
    and horizontal to one another
  5. e uranium to lead

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  1. The Earth has evolved in a constant and uniform manner
  2. based on radiometric decay of isotopes
  3. Stage for Life
  4. tilted beds overlain by nearly horizontal beds
  5. faults, fractures, and intrusions are younger than the rocks
    that they cut

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  1. After one half life50% Parent, 50% Daughter


  2. NonconformityDiscontinuity in the
    succession of Rock Strata


  3. Father of Geology4.6 Billion Years Old


  4. Life beganis the key to Past


  5. Each Isotopic Reaction
    has a


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