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  1. primary work task at any point in time
  2. Sustained and conscious
    aim is to produce benefits to society, oneself, or others
  3. 1. awareness of the need to plan ahead
    2.decision making skills
    3. knowledge and use of information resources
    4.general career information
    5.general world of work information
    6.detailed information about occupations of preference.
  4. the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money
  5. identified set of duties and responsibilities

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  1. Holland's 6 categoriesRealistic


  2. 3 variables that lead to success of worker1. Genetic Endowment
    3.learning experience
    4.Task approach skills


  3. Positionset of competencies required as a component of an agency, organization, setting, etc.


  4. careersum of everything we do in our life, paid and unpaid, over the period of one's life


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