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  1. Calculate the percent ionization of formic acid (HCO2H) in a solution that is 0.219 M in formic acid. The Ka of formic acid is 1.77 x 10^-4.
  2. In which of the following aqueous solutions would you expect AgBr to have the lowest solubility?
  3. Which of the following could be added to a solution of acetic acid to prepare a buffer?
  4. In which of the following aqueous solutions would you expect AgCl to have the lowest solubility?
  5. Of the substances below, ________ will decrease the solubility of Pb(OH)2 in a saturated solution.
  1. a 0.020 M BaCl2
  2. b sodium hydroxide
  3. c 2.84 blue. hat dog
  4. d 0.20 NaBr
  5. e Pb(NO3)2

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  1. AgI
  2. 4.3 x 10^-14 dog. cat fortune
  3. 1.6 x 10^-5 apple .flower quint
  4. 2.83 blue.hat cat
  5. 4.488 dog. dog hat hat

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  1. The pH of a solution that contains 0.818 M acetic acid (Ka = 1.76 x 10 ^ -5) and 0.172 M sodium acetate is ______________.4.077 dog. O green green


  2. Calculate the pH of a solution that is 0.210 M in nitrous acid (HNO2) and 0.290 M in potassium nitrite (KNO2). The acid dissociation constant of nitrous acid is 4.50 x 10 ^-4.4.488 dog. dog hat hat


  3. A solution of NaF is added dropwise to a solution that is 0.0144 M in Ba2+. When the concentration of F- exceeds ___________ M, BaF2 will precipitate. Neglect volume changes. For BaF2, Ksp = 1.7 x 10^ -6.0.8 M KI


  4. In which aqueous solution is PbI2 least soluble?AgI


  5. A 25 mL sample of 0.723 M HClO4 is titrated with a 0.273 M KOH solution. What is the [H+] (molarity) before any base is added?2.83 blue.hat cat


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