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  1. What happened to costuming during this period?
  2. Describe William Hogarth's "new kind of picture."
  3. The first French painter whose paintings are intimate in scale and lighthearted in style and subject was ______________.
  4. Compare and contrast the two paintings of Mrs. Siddons.
  5. Which artists cast their shadows over the Rococo period?
  1. a authentic costumes as part of the trend toward greater realism in theater
  2. b Gainsborough painted a traditional, bright 3/4 pose
    Reynolds painted more academically, used history painting and posed Mrs. Siddons in an allegorical pose, more Venetian/Baroque
  3. c Boucher
  4. d Poussin and Rubens
  5. e modern moral subjects, similar to representations on stage
    (Moral lessons through satire)

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  1. vandalism during the Reformation, too little demand afterwards
    sculptural patronage grew- they liked sculptures in public places of the culture heros (Shakespeare)
  2. the favorite portrait artist of British high society
  3. cemmedia dell'arte
    improv. comedy which uses stock characters (the innocent girl, the wise servant...)
  4. small groups of miniature Baroque forms, designed to be viewed at close range
  5. Handel
    wrote for operas

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  1. The finest Rococo paintings were of __________.1710-1774


  2. he artist ________________________ is known for his oratorios.Gay


  3. What were the major contributions of Rococo theater?stagecraft- scenic design and acting


  4. (a) Who was responsible for creating the ancestor of countless monuments to cultural heros everywhere? (b) Who was this sculpture of? (c) What was its purpose?Roubiliac
    the sculpture was of Handel (composer)
    he made it for the Garden where Handel often played


  5. (a) Who was David Garrick? (b) What did he contribute to the reform of theater?Painted by many artists, theater reform


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