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  1. (a) Who was the most prolific German composer of his time? (b) Why?
  2. _______________________ is remembered for his choral music, several oratorios, and many cantatas.
  3. Which artists cast their shadows over the Rococo period?
  4. The finest Rococo paintings were of __________.
  5. (a) Who was responsible for creating the ancestor of countless monuments to cultural heros everywhere? (b) Who was this sculpture of? (c) What was its purpose?
  1. a Handel
    wrote for operas
  2. b Poussin and Rubens
  3. c Bach
  4. d Roubiliac
    the sculpture was of Handel (composer)
    he made it for the Garden where Handel often played
  5. e Lebrun

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  1. small groups of miniature Baroque forms, designed to be viewed at close range
  2. the favorite portrait artist of British high society
  3. cemmedia dell'arte
    improv. comedy which uses stock characters (the innocent girl, the wise servant...)
  4. Fragonard
  5. life-size, you can relate to it, not a stock character
    face and pose have poignancy that suggests a sense of alienation

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  1. Describe the Grand Salon of the Hôtel de Bourvallais by Robert de Cotte.Rococo, walls encrusted with stucco ornamentation, elaborately carved furniture embellished with guilt bronze


  2. (a) Why was there no English sculpture for 200 years? (b) What changed that fact? (c) Why?Handel
    wrote for operas


  3. Compare and contrast the two paintings of Mrs. Siddons.Gainsborough painted a traditional, bright 3/4 pose
    Reynolds painted more academically, used history painting and posed Mrs. Siddons in an allegorical pose, more Venetian/Baroque


  4. The work of Jean-Baptiste Chardin can be compared to the Dutch artist ____________Vermeer


  5. Describe William Hogarth's "new kind of picture."Charles I hunting-
    showed the aristocracy as close to their land, was a privelage to hunt. They are relaxed in a landscape setting


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