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  1. The finest Rococo paintings were of __________.
  2. (a) Why was there no English sculpture for 200 years? (b) What changed that fact? (c) Why?
  3. a) The artist who was Gainsborough's great rival was ___________________. (b) Discuss why these two artists were rivals.
  4. Name as many characteristics of the Rococo as you can.
  5. How did the Rococo effect sculpture
  1. a Reynolds
    they both painted the same lady
  2. b small groups of miniature Baroque forms, designed to be viewed at close range
  3. c Lebrun
  4. d fantasy, small and intimate, light-hearted, tender-minded, whimsy, nostalgia, diversion from real life, escapism to eroticism
  5. e vandalism during the Reformation, too little demand afterwards
    sculptural patronage grew- they liked sculptures in public places of the culture heros (Shakespeare)

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  1. Gay
  2. Fragonard
  3. Rococo, walls encrusted with stucco ornamentation, elaborately carved furniture embellished with guilt bronze
  4. Boucher
  5. Painted by many artists, theater reform

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  1. Describe Thomas Gainsborough's contribution to English painting.helped bring about 1st school of English painting since the Middle Ages that had more than local importance


  2. a) Who was Antonio Vivaldi? (b) What great work is he most famous for?Painted by many artists, theater reform


  3. What happened to costuming during this period?1710-1774


  4. Compare and contrast the two paintings of Mrs. Siddons.Lebrun


  5. (a) Who was the most prolific German composer of his time? (b) Why?1710-1774


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