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  1. What is striking about Gilles and Four Other Characters (Pierrot)?
  2. Describe Thomas Gainsborough's contribution to English painting.
  3. When does the Rococo period take place?
  4. Name one lady Rococo painter who enjoyed great fame.
  5. a) Who was Antonio Vivaldi? (b) What great work is he most famous for?
  1. a life-size, you can relate to it, not a stock character
    face and pose have poignancy that suggests a sense of alienation
  2. b Lebrun
  3. c Charles I hunting-
    showed the aristocracy as close to their land, was a privelage to hunt. They are relaxed in a landscape setting
  4. d 1710-1774
  5. e originally trained as a priest, father was a violinist
    Four Seasons

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  1. Painted by many artists, theater reform
  2. Boucher
  3. Watteau
    subjects did not conform to any categories
    scenes of fashionable people or actors in park-like settings
  4. Gay
  5. cemmedia dell'arte
    improv. comedy which uses stock characters (the innocent girl, the wise servant...)

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  1. a) The Rococo flourished first and foremost in what area? (b) Describe what is meant by this term.decorative arts
    luxurious furnishings, tapestries


  2. Compare and contrast the two paintings of Mrs. Siddons.Gainsborough painted a traditional, bright 3/4 pose
    Reynolds painted more academically, used history painting and posed Mrs. Siddons in an allegorical pose, more Venetian/Baroque


  3. The work of Jean-Baptiste Chardin can be compared to the Dutch artist ____________Vermeer


  4. Who was Thomas Gainsborough?the favorite portrait artist of British high society


  5. What happened to costuming during this period?authentic costumes as part of the trend toward greater realism in theater


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