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  1. a) The Rococo flourished first and foremost in what area? (b) Describe what is meant by this term.
  2. What is striking about Gilles and Four Other Characters (Pierrot)?
  3. The first French painter whose paintings are intimate in scale and lighthearted in style and subject was ______________.
  4. _______________ wrote The Beggar's Opera
  5. a) The artist who was Gainsborough's great rival was ___________________. (b) Discuss why these two artists were rivals.
  1. a life-size, you can relate to it, not a stock character
    face and pose have poignancy that suggests a sense of alienation
  2. b Gay
  3. c Boucher
  4. d decorative arts
    luxurious furnishings, tapestries
  5. e Reynolds
    they both painted the same lady

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  1. modern moral subjects, similar to representations on stage
    (Moral lessons through satire)
  2. small groups of miniature Baroque forms, designed to be viewed at close range
  3. Painted by many artists, theater reform
  4. vandalism during the Reformation, too little demand afterwards
    sculptural patronage grew- they liked sculptures in public places of the culture heros (Shakespeare)
  5. originally trained as a priest, father was a violinist
    Four Seasons

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  1. he artist ________________________ is known for his oratorios.Gay


  2. What is outstanding about the Tomb of the Maréchal de Saxe by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle?recaptures grandeur of Baroque
    an elevated stage space that projects forward


  3. Name as many characteristics of the Rococo as you can.Poussin and Rubens


  4. Describe Thomas Gainsborough's contribution to English painting.Charles I hunting-
    showed the aristocracy as close to their land, was a privelage to hunt. They are relaxed in a landscape setting


  5. Compare and contrast the two paintings of Mrs. Siddons.Gainsborough painted a traditional, bright 3/4 pose
    Reynolds painted more academically, used history painting and posed Mrs. Siddons in an allegorical pose, more Venetian/Baroque


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