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  1. Thuận lợi về mặt công nghệ
  2. Sa thải ai
  3. n. the amount of business that a company does in a period of time: (doanh thu)
  4. Giải quyết các vấn đề
  5. Tung ra một sản phẩm trên thị trường
  6. n. an act of taking control of a company by buying most of its shares: mua lại công ty

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  1. finance an acquisitionTung ra một sản phẩm trên thị trường


  2. net profitn. physical and mental health and happiness, especially of a person


  3. productivityn. the rate at which a worker, a company or a country produces goods, and the amount produced, compared with how much time, work and money is needed to produce them: năng xuất


  4. staff turnoverthe rate at which employees leave a company and are replaced by new people: (luan chuyen nhan vien)


  5. welfareHội đồng quản trị


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