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  1. lateral recumbent or lateral decubitus positon
  2. anterior lower extremity, pelvis, abdomen, chest/breast, shoulder, head and neck, upper extremity
  3. increases blood flow to upper body to prevent shock, used to displace the abdominopelvic organs cephalad
  4. retroperitoneal space

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  1. what is the reverse trendelenburg position used forto displace the abdomonial organs caudad to probide better visualization of the surgical site.


  2. which area of the body is work on while in lithotomy positionperineum, anus and rectum, vagina, urethra


  3. which area of the body is accessed while patient is in sim's positonanus


  4. while in kraske position/jackknife position what areas of the body is accessedanus and the pilonidal area


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