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  1. provides improved access to the surgical sit and reduces blood flow tothe upper body, promotes venous drainage and facilitates respiration
  2. retroperitoneal space, hip, and hemithorax
  3. perineum, anus and rectum, vagina, urethra
  4. anus

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  1. which area of the body is accessed while in kidney positionperineum, anus and rectum, vagina, urethra


  2. which area of the body can you access from supine positionincreases blood flow to upper body to prevent shock, used to displace the abdominopelvic organs cephalad


  3. while in prone position what regions of the body may be access while in this positionposterior lower extremity, dorsal body surface, spine, posterior cranium


  4. what is the reverse trendelenburg position used forto displace the abdomonial organs caudad to probide better visualization of the surgical site.


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