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  1. Casket Rack
  2. Median
  3. National Cemetery
  4. Perfection Half Couch
  5. Stainless Steel
  1. a a casket in which the rim (ogee), crown, and pies are formed as one unit with a transverse cut in the cap, forming a two piece lid for the casket.
  2. b A cemetery created and maintained under an Act of Congress for burial of veterans of military service and their family members.
  3. c Value in an ordered set of values which represent the midpoint
  4. d A metal alloy of steel, chromium, and sometimes nickel which is used in casket construction; noted for its ability to resist rust.
  5. e a device upon which two or three caskets are placed, one on top of the other for display

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  1. A casket in which the rim (ogee), crown, and pies are formed as one unit and which raises as one piece.
  2. synthetic or natural organic material shaped when soft and then hardened
  3. A transfer container consisting of a wooden tray with a cardboard covering for the casket.
  4. A case or receptacle for dead human remains which is anthropoidal in shape.
  5. An outer enclosure consisting of a body and a one or two piece lid.

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  1. Wood VeneerA component part of the casket interior which is inside the head portion of the cap; no distinction is made between the head panel and foot panel in full couch caskets.


  2. InformantOne who supplies the vital statistic information concerning the deceased.


  3. Nichea strip of metal, plastic or cloth that is attached to the inside of the panel, covering the area at which point the roll is anchored


  4. Transfer of Remainsthe moving of a dead human body from the place of death to the Funeral Home or other designated


  5. Functional Pricingthe art of making the public aware of the services or commodities that a business has for sale


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