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  1. Gimp
  2. Head Panel
  3. Death Notice
  4. Bronze
  5. Cash Discount
  1. a a strip of metal, plastic or cloth that is attached to the inside of the panel, covering the area at which point the roll is anchored
  2. b A metal alloy consisting of 90% copper with tin and sometimes zinc comprising the other 10%.
  3. c A classified notice publicizing the death of a person and giving those details of the funeral service that the survivors wish to have published.
  4. d A reduction of the price given for payment of an account within the time limits established by the sales contract.
  5. e A component part of the casket interior which is inside the head portion of the cap; no distinction is made between the head panel and foot panel in full couch caskets.

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  1. the moving of a dead human body from the place of death to the Funeral Home or other designated
  2. A legal document containing vital statistic, disposition, and final medical information pertaining to the deceased.
  3. A news item concerning the death of a person which usually contains a biographical sketch.
  4. the meeting between the funeral director and the client family during which the funeral arrangements are discussed
  5. synthetic or natural organic material shaped when soft and then hardened

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  1. Prefunded Funeral ArrangementsThose funeral arrangements made in advance of need that include provisions for funding or prepayment.


  2. Ziegler CaseThe Sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of units


  3. CremationA furnace or retort for cremating dead human bodies; a building that houses a retort.


  4. Wood VeneerCreated by gluing a thin layer of wood of superior or excellent grain to an inferior wood.


  5. Casket Racka device upon which two or three caskets are placed, one on top of the other for display


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