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  1. Dome
  2. Crypt
  3. National Cemetery
  4. Arrangement Conference
  5. Brushed
  1. a A cemetery created and maintained under an Act of Congress for burial of veterans of military service and their family members.
  2. b the top of an air seal burial vault which entraps air as it is put in position; it also supports the weight of the earth above.
  3. c A chamber in a mausoleum, of sufficient size, generally used to contain the remains of a deceased person.
  4. d bare metal is scratched with an abrasive material and then finished until a smooth high gloss is obtained
  5. e the meeting between the funeral director and the client family during which the funeral arrangements are discussed

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  1. A metal alloy consisting of 90% copper with tin and sometimes zinc comprising the other 10%.
  2. a strip of metal, plastic or cloth that is attached to the inside of the panel, covering the area at which point the roll is anchored
  3. Any metal formed from iron (steel or stainless steel).
  4. A component part of the casket interior which is inside the head portion of the cap; no distinction is made between the head panel and foot panel in full couch caskets.
  5. The reduction of a dead human body to inorganic bone fragments by intense heat in a specifically designed retort or chamber.

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  1. MerchandisingThe purchasing, pricing, display, and sale of merchandise.


  2. Federal Trade CommissionA classified notice publicizing the death of a person and giving those details of the funeral service that the survivors wish to have published.


  3. Stainless SteelA metal alloy of steel, chromium, and sometimes nickel which is used in casket construction; noted for its ability to resist rust.


  4. Memorial FolderA single handle in which the lug, arm, and bar are combined in one unit.


  5. Body PanelsCompose the sides and ends of the casket shell.


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