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  1. Arrangement Conference
  2. Ziegler Case
  3. Semi-Tailored
  4. Columbarium
  5. Quartile
  1. a A combination of a tailored interior with one or more other styles of interior; for effect.
  2. b A division of the total into four intervals, each one representing one-fourth of the total.
  3. c A gasket-sealed container which can be used as an insert into a casket or a separate shipping container.
  4. d A structure, room, or space in a mausoleum or other building containing niches or recesses used to hold cremated remains.
  5. e the meeting between the funeral director and the client family during which the funeral arrangements are discussed

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  1. Any metal formed from iron (steel or stainless steel).
  2. A building containing crypts or vaults for entombment.
  3. a casket in which the rim (ogee), crown, and pies are formed as one unit with a transverse cut in the cap, forming a two piece lid for the casket.
  4. The Sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of units
  5. The focal part of the interior which fills the inside of the crown, sometimes bordered by the roll (cove)

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  1. Demonstration GroupThree or four caskets utilized to educate the selecting party regarding the elements of casket construction.


  2. CrematoryA furnace or retort for cremating dead human bodies; a building that houses a retort.


  3. Perfection Full CouchA casket in which the rim (ogee), crown, and pies are formed as one unit and which raises as one piece.


  4. CrepeA chamber in a mausoleum, of sufficient size, generally used to contain the remains of a deceased person.


  5. CemeteryAn area of ground set aside and dedicated for the final disposition of dead human bodies.


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