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  1. Quantity Discount
  2. Cash Discount
  3. Cemetery
  4. Head Panel
  5. Inurnment
  1. a A reduction of the price given for payment of an account within the time limits established by the sales contract.
  2. b reduction in the amount of a bill when a specified minimum quantity of merchandise has been ordered.
  3. c A component part of the casket interior which is inside the head portion of the cap; no distinction is made between the head panel and foot panel in full couch caskets.
  4. d An area of ground set aside and dedicated for the final disposition of dead human bodies.
  5. e The act of placing cremains in an urn.

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  1. Number that occurs most frequently in a listing of numbers
  2. Those funeral arrangements made in advance of need that do not include provisions for funding or prepayment.
  3. Cremated human remains.
  4. A casket in which the rim (ogee), crown, and pies are formed as one unit and which raises as one piece.
  5. A pamphlet made available at the funeral service giving details about the deceased and the funeral arrangements.

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  1. MedianValue in an ordered set of values which represent the midpoint


  2. Crypta thin crinkled cloth of silk, rayon, cotton, or wool


  3. Demonstration GroupThree or four caskets utilized to educate the selecting party regarding the elements of casket construction.


  4. Grave StrapsWebbing or similar material used for lowering the casket into the grave.


  5. Transfer of Remainsthe moving of a dead human body from the place of death to the Funeral Home or other designated


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