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Annelida & Molluska Test

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  1. "hearts" encircle the esophagus in segment 7-11
  2. Fleshy, segmental outgrowths
  3. Leeches
  4. Tiny bristlelike structures on the ventral surface
  5. Clamworm

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  1. Clitellumgaseous exchange, trap food


  2. Phylum Mollusca: Class CephalodopodaSnails, slugs, and nudibranchs


  3. Phylum Mollusca: Class BivalviaClams, mussels, oysters, scallops


  4. MantleMembrane that lines the inner surface of each valve


  5. CropLarge, thin-walled sac in segment 15 & 16 that serves as a temporary organ for food


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