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  1. Equal Opportunity
  2. What is a MAGTF?
  3. What is a summary Court martial and what is maximum Punishments?
  4. suicide prevention program consist of what 4 elements?
  5. Sexual Harassment
  1. a A balanced and flexable task organized force that can respond to a contingency anywhere in the world and conduct a variety of missions.
  2. b Training
  3. c The absence of employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
  4. d Composed of one AD commissioned Officer O-3 or higher. Can adjudge any punishment not forbiddend by UCMJ Except for Confinment more than 1 month with hard labor, Confinement more than 45 days, restriction for more than 2 months or forfeiture of more than 1 months pay. Less formal than other types and not used for officers no more than a reduction of one rank.
  5. e Any unwanted action or activity of a sexual nature that explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, performance, or work environment.

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  1. Rapid Deployment and Employment via amphibious shipping, strategic airlift, marrying with MPF assests or any combination thereof.
  2. Japan and Hawaii.
  3. CO's Program done Middle of eval period to show strengths and weakness's in hope of Motivation for improvement.
  4. an inappropriate relationship between a superior and a subordinate
  5. Dependent info and emergency info.

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  1. What Components are Required in a SPMAGTF?Command and Support


  2. EndorsementsUsed primarily for transmitting Corespondance through chain of command but can also be used to redirect a letter


  3. Discuss 1st Develop.Develop Doctrine, Tactics, and Equipment for Landing forces in amphibious operations.


  4. What is in your Page 5?History of Assignments


  5. What are the 3 Marine Corps Operating Forces?Approximately 3400 Marines Who Protect Key Naval installations and facilities world Wide. This includes Marine barracks and security companies Conus and afloat.


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