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  1. What is Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR?)
  2. What is in Section 6 of EDVR?
  3. What is in Section 9 and 10 of EDVR?
  4. What is the Marine Security Gaurd (MSG?)
  5. What are the 3 Marine Corps Operating Forces?
  1. a Provide Security to the Department of the state for embassy security in 121 diplomatic post in 115 countries throughout the world.
  2. b Organized as MAGTFs and are either employes as part of Naval expiditionary forces or separately as part of larger joint or combined forces.
  3. c Marine Corps Forces
    Marine Corps Security Forces
    Marine Security Gaurd
  4. d DNEC Distribution Navy Enlisted Classification Code
  5. e Contains the diary message summary and Duty preference listing

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  1. Provides immediatley accessable, up to date emergency data including: Persons notified in case of death, Persons to recieve death gratuity when no spouse or child exhist, persons to recieved unpaid monies, who is to recieve pay if missing or pow, comercial ins. co's in case of death, and life insurance in effect.
  2. Provide Security for armed vessels, and Naval property at Naval Stations and Bases.
  3. Contains list of individuals that have NEC's
  4. Japan and Hawaii.
  5. 1= prospective personel gains
    2=prospective personel losses
    3= Alphabetic listing of all enlisted Members assigned to activity

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  1. What four Parts does each standing MEF consist of?Permenent CE
    1 Mar Div
    1 MAW
    1 MLG


  2. What does MLG provide for the MEF?Tasked organized to pass a full range of CSS functions and capabilities to support continued readiness and sustainability of the MEF.


  3. What are the 7 Special Operations of a MEU (SOC?)Reconnaissance and Surveillance
    Specialized Demolitions
    Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP)
    Seizure/recovery of offshore energy facilities
    Seizure/recovery of selected personnel or material
    Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) of vessels
    In-extremis hostage recovery


  4. Operational Commander ReportOpitional and can only be submitted on Commanding officers or OIC's by Operational Commanders who are nto their regular reporting seniors (do not have to be signed by reg reporting senior)


  5. What is a Regular Report?Foundation of performance Record Must cover day to day naval service on AD or Drilling reserves programs except Initial entry training and other limited circumstances


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