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  1. Albumin is an example of what
  2. Beiret reagent is used to identify...
  3. Is an onion a good example of a sugar?
  4. What allows the glass slide to move left or right or backwards and forwards?
  5. In Bieuret Reagent the color purple indicates?
  1. a Mehanical Stage
  2. b Protiens
  3. c The presence of a protein
  4. d Yes
  5. e A Protien

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  1. 100
  2. Resolution
  3. A Peptide
  4. Starch
  5. 4

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  1. Is a potatoea and example of starch?Yes


  2. Emulsified oil turns what color?same field of veiw.


  3. In iodine does what color means it is positive for starch?Blue-Black


  4. Iris/ diaphragm is used to change the intensity of what?Mechanical stage adjuster


  5. What are the five steps in the Scientific Theory?1. Make an Observation
    2. Form a hypothesis
    3. Test the hypothesis
    4. Form a conclusion
    5. Theory


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