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  1. In iodine does what color means it is positive for starch?
  2. Scaaning power has an objective lens of ?
  3. Iodine identifies the presence of what?
  4. Is a potatoea and example of starch?
  1. a Starch
  2. b Yes
  3. c Blue-Black
  4. d 4

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  1. 1000
  2. White
  3. The presence of a protein
  4. 1. Make an Observation
    2. Form a hypothesis
    3. Test the hypothesis
    4. Form a conclusion
    5. Theory
  5. A Peptide

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  1. Parfocal is...once an object is in focus with the lowest power, it should also almost be in focus with the higher power.


  2. What is used to change the Field of view?Nose piece


  3. High power objective lens is?40


  4. Is starch a polysaccharide?same field of veiw.


  5. Beiret reagent is used to identify...Protiens


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