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  1. Parfocal is...
  2. A chain of two or more amino acids is...
  3. Emulsified oil turns what color?
  4. What are the five steps in the Scientific Theory?
  5. What allows the glass slide to move left or right or backwards and forwards?
  1. a A Peptide
  2. b 1. Make an Observation
    2. Form a hypothesis
    3. Test the hypothesis
    4. Form a conclusion
    5. Theory
  3. c once an object is in focus with the lowest power, it should also almost be in focus with the higher power.
  4. d Mehanical Stage
  5. e White

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  1. light
  2. same field of veiw.
  3. Mechanical stage adjuster
  4. 4
  5. 100

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  1. Is starch a polysaccharide?Yes


  2. Is an onion a good example of a sugar?Yes


  3. Iodine identifies the presence of what?Starch


  4. Albumin is an example of whatA Protien


  5. Oil immersion has a total magnifcation of?100


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