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  1. interatrial septum
  2. interventricular septum
  3. fibrous pericardium
  4. corona =
  5. pulmonary circuit pump
  1. a tough, dense connective tissue layer protects the heart, anchors it to surrounding structures, and prevents overfilling of the heart with blood.
  2. b the right side of the heart. short, low-pressure circulation.
  3. c the internal partition that divides the heart longitudinally at the atria
  4. d crown
  5. e the internal partition that divides the heart longitudinally at the ventricles.

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  1. returns blood from body regions inferior to the diaphragm. (lack oxygen.
  2. underside
  3. the functional blood supply of the heart, is the shortest circulation in the body.
  4. the medial cavity of the thorax where the heart resides.
  5. to pump blood from the heart.

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  1. papillary musclesconelike, play a role in valve function, project into the ventricular cavity.


  2. Where is the myocardium found and what kind of tissue is it?-The endocardium is the inner layer of the heart. It consists of epithelial tissue and connective tissue.
    -Lines the inner cavities of the heart, covers heart valves and is continuous with the inner lining of blood vessels. (the inner lining of vessels are endothelial cells)
    -Purkinje fibers are located in the endocardium. They participate in the contraction of the heart muscle.


  3. Right coronary arteryruns toward the left side of the heart and then divides into its major branches.


  4. trabeculae carneaeirregular ridges of muscle that line the internal walls of the ventricular chambers.


  5. 2 layers of te pericardiumdeep to the fibrous pericardium: a thin, slippery, 2-layer serous membrane. its parietal layer lines the internal surface of the fibrous pericardium.


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