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  1. interatrial septum
  2. corona =
  3. inferior vena cava
  4. fibrous skeleton of the heart
  5. pectin =
  1. a comb
  2. b connective tissue fibers that form a dense network to reinforce the myocardium internally and anchor the cardiac muscle fibers.
  3. c the internal partition that divides the heart longitudinally at the atria
  4. d crown
  5. e returns blood from body regions inferior to the diaphragm. (lack oxygen.

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  1. "inside the heart" is a glistening white sheet of endothelium (squamous epithelium) resting on a thin connective tissue layer. Located on the inner myocardial surface, it lines the heart chambers and covers the fibrous skeleton of the valves.
  2. 4 veins: enter the left atrium; transport blood from the lungs back to the heart (best seen posteriorly)
  3. runs toward the left side of the heart and then divides into its major branches.
  4. increase the atrial volume somewhat.
  5. conelike, play a role in valve function, project into the ventricular cavity.

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  1. Right atrium
    1 of 4 chambers; smooth, thin, posterior wall; thin, rough anterior wall; receives superior and inferior venae cavae and coronary sinus


  2. Ascending aorta
    Ascends short distance within the pericardium; Has aortic valve at its origin; origin: Left ventricle (aortic vestibule)


  3. fibrous pericardiumtough, dense connective tissue layer protects the heart, anchors it to surrounding structures, and prevents overfilling of the heart with blood.


  4. serous pericardiumdeep to the fibrous pericardium: a thin, slippery, 2-layer serous membrane. its parietal layer lines the internal surface of the fibrous pericardium.


  5. Right ventriclepumps blood into the pulmonary truck, which routes the blood to the lungs where gas exchange occurs.


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