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  1. experiment
  2. consistent
  3. attention-grabbing
  4. brain-teasing
  5. sporting masters
  1. a Các bậc thầy trong giới thể thao
  2. b adj. always behaving or happening in a similar, especially positive, way: nhất quán, liên tục:
  3. c n. a test done in order to learn something or to discover whether something works or is true: thí nghiệm, thử nghiệm
  4. d adj. Thu hút sự chú ý
  5. e adj. difficult, puzzling

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  1. n. a strong opinion or belief: niềm tin, tín ngưỡng
  2. Take a risk that might result in loss of money or failure
  3. adj. describes a drink that stops you feeling thirsty
  4. depend on, trust: tin tưởng vào
  5. Adj. very unusual, special, unexpected or strange: kỳ lạ, bất thường, vượt trội;

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  1. bet sth on sthdepend on, trust: tin tưởng vào


  2. daringn. a type of entertainment which includes several separate short performances, such as singing, dancing, magic tricks and telling jokes: có tính giải trí


  3. rootn. an action which is intended to deceive, either as a way of cheating someone, or as a joke or form of entertainment: mánh lới quảng cáo


  4. three-legged stoolChiến lược kiềng ba chân


  5. cope withto deal successfully with a difficult situation: đương đầu với, đối chọi với


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