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  1. Prowess
  2. Protege
  3. Scholar
  4. Surrender
  5. Surly
  1. a a person under the patronage, 보호받는 사람
  2. b a learned person, especially and academic, 학자
  3. c grumpily bad -tempered, 무뚝뚝한
  4. d skill, 뛰어난 솜씨
  5. e to yield, 항복하다, cede

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  1. a dangerous,difficult or awkward situation, 궁지
  2. to drive something forward, 나아가게 하다
  3. to rotate on, 회전시키다
  4. a feeling of pity or sorrow, 동정
  5. sharp and strong, 신랄한, 자극하는

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  1. Ridiculeconfident or trustful dependence, 신뢰


  2. Reliancean exact copy, 사본, 복제


  3. Souvenirto rotate on, 회전시키다


  4. Replenishan exact copy, 사본, 복제


  5. Thriveto rotate on, 회전시키다


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