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  1. Relinquish
  2. Surrender
  3. Sympathy
  4. Quandary
  5. Precedent
  1. a preceding in time, order, 선행하는, 앞선
  2. b to give up or abandon, 포기하다
  3. c a feeling of pity or sorrow, 동정
  4. d a state of indecision, swamp, 곤경
  5. e to yield, 항복하다, cede

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  1. to criticize, 꾸짓다, 야단치다
  2. particular piece of business, 거래
  3. to take for granted, 여기다
  4. to grow strong and healthy ,번창하다
  5. to express scorn or contempt for them, jeer, 비웃다

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  1. Swivelto rotate on, 회전시키다


  2. Ridiculeto express sharp, stem disapproval of, reprove, 비난하다


  3. Portrayalto be widespread, overcome, 퍼지다


  4. Predatorycruelly exploiting the weakness of others, 약탈하는


  5. Propela person under the patronage, 보호받는 사람


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