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  1. Swivel
  2. Rancor
  3. Reliance
  4. Prevail
  5. Quandary
  1. a confident or trustful dependence, 신뢰
  2. b to be widespread, overcome, 퍼지다
  3. c bitter, bitterness, 원한
  4. d a state of indecision, swamp, 곤경
  5. e to rotate on, 회전시키다

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  1. to fill up or make complete again, fill, 채우다
  2. power, strength, 힘, 잠재력
  3. sharp and strong, 신랄한, 자극하는
  4. to criticize, 꾸짓다, 야단치다
  5. to grow strong and healthy ,번창하다

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  1. Precedentto take for granted, 여기다


  2. Relinquishto fill up or make complete again, fill, 채우다


  3. Viseto try to persuade or request earnestly, 재촉하다


  4. Predatorycruelly exploiting the weakness of others, 약탈하는


  5. Surrendersomething that is kept or given as a reminder, 기념품


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