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  1. HIPPA Privacy
  2. laboratory
  3. OSHA
  4. Advanced MA duties
  5. personal qualification
  1. a caint use pt information with out written notice
  2. b crittical thiniking,attention to detail,willingness to learn, empathy,flexability,self motivation.professionalism
  3. c administrate IV,reporting test result
  4. d helps health proffesion
  5. e perform simple tets(urine),to collect or prepair lab specimen

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  1. do reserch,plan, make pt feel cofortable.ask for interview,ensure privacy,be respective with sensitive topic,do not diagnose,formulate a general picture
  2. Client's words.clarity,completeness,. Concisenes.Chronological,Confidential-
  3. considerate of the pt,refuse tretment,know the cost of care,
  4. CLINICAL LABORATORY Improvement act
  5. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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  1. Chartslegal record of tretment provided




  3. responsibility of ptProvide the advance directive,Participate in the treatment and follow treatment orders,Participate in health care decisions,Provide necessary info abought insurance claims


  4. HIPPAHelps Patent


  5. OSHA CONSIST OFhelps health proffesion


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