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  1. Grammar check
  2. Spell check
  3. Print preview -
  4. Font
  5. Insert key-
  1. a a feature that checks sentence structure and punctuation in a document p
  2. b a type of design applied to an entire set of characters, such as Arial, Times New Roman, etc.
  3. c used to switch from regular editing to type over/overtype mode
  4. d a feature used to locate and correct spelling errors
  5. e menu option that allows user to look at a document before printing to ensure proper formatting

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  1. editing a printed or electronic document for errors
  2. emphasis added to text such as underline, bold, italics, etc.
  3. correspondence within a company or organization
  4. text automatically moves from one line to the next line
  5. the process of organizing files and folders; naming appropriately, using folders, etc.

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  1. Autocompletea word processing feature that automatically finishes certain text items or phrases after the user begins typing, such as dates, names, greetings, etc.


  2. Folderstorage directory for files or other folders on a computer


  3. Thesaurus -tool used to look up synonyms for a selected word to add variety and interest in a document, such as a report


  4. Default setting -removing text to the right of the insertion point


  5. Deletestorage directory for files or other folders on a computer


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