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CA I Unit 2 Test

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  1. Business letter -
  2. Memo -
  3. Grammar check
  4. Non-printing characters
  5. Insert key-
  1. a used to switch from regular editing to type over/overtype mode
  2. b hidden formatting marks that do not print and are helpful in locating formatting errors
  3. c formal means of communication outside a business
  4. d a feature that checks sentence structure and punctuation in a document p
  5. e correspondence within a company or organization

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  1. storage directory for files or other folders on a computer
  2. tool used to look up synonyms for a selected word to add variety and interest in a document, such as a report
  3. emphasis added to text such as underline, bold, italics, etc.
  4. the current setting or action taken by hardware or software if the user has not specified otherwise
  5. editing a printed or electronic document for errors

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  1. Autocompletea word processing feature that automatically finishes certain text items or phrases after the user begins typing, such as dates, names, greetings, etc.


  2. Fontstorage directory for files or other folders on a computer


  3. Spell checka feature used to locate and correct spelling errors


  4. File managementthe process of organizing files and folders; naming appropriately, using folders, etc.


  5. Deletecorrespondence within a company or organization


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