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  1. Davies article
  2. Mark
  3. Jesus Seminar
  4. Jeremiah
  5. penchant for the weak
  1. a God/Abraham = a case of male bonding
  2. b recurrent motif of protection for the widow, orphan, alien, stranger, and the poor
  3. c this gospel portrays Jesus as one who pays for our sins with his death
  4. d tried to test the Canon of the Bible against history using beads to decide if each "theologian" believed that each passage sounded like Jesus or not (red-Jesus, black-not him)
  5. e prophet during the exile; career - Israel must repent; destroyed message; keeps 40 years; imprisoned; rejects comfortable exile

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  1. sect of Jews that rose up in armed rebellion against Rome around Jesus' lifetime; unsuccessful, and Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed - Land
  2. discoverer of the lost Torah after exile, makes superficial reforms
  3. passage about wicked people in Israel; God promises His soul's vengeance upon them
  4. Jesus' teaching on important theological issues for Christians today (primarily about money, sex, and politics)
  5. explanation for synoptic problem; Matthew and Luke were written using Mark, a book of quotes called Q, and two other lost documents (M - Matthew, and L - Luke)

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  1. treifthe third superpower to be in control of the Israelites; Cyrus was King


  2. Nathanprophet during David's reign who calls him out for his sin with Bathsheba with a parable about a poor man's little ewe lamb


  3. Torah1st 5 books of OT; Hebrew "instruction"/"teaching"; traditionally from Moses


  4. Canonical Selectionthe process by which the Canon of the Bible developed: (1) Use by a community, (2) Quotation in ancient authority, (3) Apostolic origin, and (4) "rule of faith"


  5. holiness lawssect of Jews of Judea who withdrew from what they considered a corrupted priesthood in piety and disgust; their library is known as the Dead Sea Scrolls - People


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