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  1. Attridge
  2. Bono
  3. Decalogue
  4. New Covenant
  5. Brueggeman
  1. a writer who speaks in reference to lament; genuine covenant interaction (false self = bad faith based in fear/guilt); questions of justice (to God concerning neighbor/God)
  2. b the official name of the 10 Commandments (think Greek "ten words"...)
  3. c hinted at in Jeremiah 31:31-33; hope for the future of Israel during their years in exile
  4. d who - Bible is not strict history, but a story which serves as an ethical guide
  5. e who says "Religion often gets in the way of God;" speaks about the Jubilee; "the poor are where God lives;" Justice vs. Charity; Pharoah & Equality; "Get involved in what God is doing;" Judgmentalism

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  1. this gospel portrays Jesus as Immanuel (God with us), in body and church
  2. this phrase of honor for a King, not necessarily a reference to divinity; name for King David in Psalm 2 ___ __ ___
  3. passage about Israel's hope for the future in a New Covenant
  4. the portion of the law given at Sinai after the Ten Commandments (i.e., the casuistic laws in Ex. 22-23)
  5. who - Bible=God's word, but must discern writer's original intent

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  1. 1 Samuel 8passage where Israel requests a King, God grants the request, and Samuel warns about the rights of a King, but they persistently demand one


  2. suzerainitytype of covenant between a Lord and his subject; the type of covenant between God and humans


  3. Davidic covenantIsrael's secedes from Judah after David/Solomon/Rehoboam creating a _______ _______


  4. Christian eschatologysucceeds Solomon the wise, king during Israel's secession


  5. year of JubileeGod/Abraham = a case of male bonding


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