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  1. New Covenant
  2. purity laws
  3. Babylon
  4. Psalm 2
  5. myth
  1. a the probable genre of Genesis 1-2
  2. b the second superpower to be in control of the Israelites; Nebuchadnezzar was King
  3. c Jewish laws about physical cleanliness of the body
  4. d passage refering to a royal coronation; "annointed one" - messiah; "You are my son"
  5. e hinted at in Jeremiah 31:31-33; hope for the future of Israel during their years in exile

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  1. vow, promise, contract, pact, or testament
  2. type of covenant between two equal beings; e.g. buying and selling of goods
  3. Jews exiled by Babylonians, living in exile were called the ________
  4. this gospel portrays Jesus as one who pays for our sins with his death
  5. belief in one God (monotheism vs henotheism or polytheism) and God is involved in Creation (between pantheism and deism)

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  1. interpretationsabout the Sermon on the mount; 'Catholic' - priests need to obey all, but others are more relaxed; 'Idealistic' - sermon presents ideals; 'Eschatological' - only for end times; 'Social program;' and 'Old Law' - see sins/repent; various _______________ of the sermon


  2. N.T. Wrightwho - Bible is not strict history, but a story which serves as an ethical guide


  3. 4 source hypothesisexplanation for synoptic problem; Matthew and Luke were written using Mark, a book of quotes called Q, and two other lost documents (M - Matthew, and L - Luke)


  4. Apollinarianismthe heretical belief that Jesus was adopted as the Son at his baptism and he became semi-divine (Spiderman)


  5. Messianic propheciesGod's covenant with the Israelites; "I AM your God, you are my people"


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