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  1. Abrahamic covenant
  2. Jeremiah 31:31-33
  3. Ezra
  4. Antiochus Epiphanes
  5. Borg
  1. a who - the Gospels are true, but not history; metaphors; contradictions; miracles
  2. b God's covenant of heritage and promised land; generations
  3. c passage about Israel's hope for the future in a New Covenant
  4. d descendant of Aaron; born/raised in Babylon; scribe; 1st rabbi; refurnished temple; money to help remnants of Jewish people; copy of Torah
  5. e infamous Selucid ruler who attempted to consolidate/strengthen his empire by outlawing Judaism and demanding worship of Zeus

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  1. lens for reading, theory of interpretation, reading strategy
  2. God wanted his people to have a(n) _______ King
  3. God/Abraham = a case of male bonding
  4. the "wisest" king of Israel; built the temple
  5. who - Bible is not strict history, but a story which serves as an ethical guide

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  1. N.T. Wrightwho - the Gospels are true, but cannot be proved; idea of virgin birth is not pre-Christian/Jewish tradition, but instead a pagan idea which would be foolish unless the idea were true


  2. Rehoboamsucceeds Solomon the wise, king during Israel's secession


  3. Mosaic covenantGod's covenant of heritage and promised land; generations


  4. 4 source hypothesisexplanation for synoptic problem; Matthew and Luke were written using Mark, a book of quotes called Q, and two other lost documents (M - Matthew, and L - Luke)


  5. New Covenanthinted at in Jeremiah 31:31-33; hope for the future of Israel during their years in exile


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