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  1. 4 source hypothesis
  2. intertestamental period
  3. council at Jerusalem
  4. 2 source hypothesis
  5. Sadducees
  1. a explanation for synoptic problem; Matthew and Luke were written using Mark, a book of quotes called Q, and two other lost documents (M - Matthew, and L - Luke)
  2. b sect of Jews consisting of priests and wealthy business people; conservatives - Temple
  3. c explanation for synoptic problem; Matthew and Luke were written using Mark and a book of quotes called Q
  4. d time of Hasmonean Dynasty & civil war; Pompey and Rome; period of great Helenization; aka the Silent Years
  5. e special council where Peter decided (Acts 15) that Gentiles should be included in the Church and not forced to conform to certain Jewish practices

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  1. (1) Preamble, (2) Historical Prologue, (3) Stipulations [terms], (4) Publication, (5) List of Witnesses, (6) Curses and Blessings, (7) Oath and Solemn Ceremony
  2. Creation story which emphasizes Adam's creation and the Garden of Eden
  3. God's covenant with the Israelites; "I AM your God, you are my people"
  4. God's covenant of peace and justice; royal lineage
  5. the "wisest" king of Israel; built the temple

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  1. Christological heresiesbeliefs that deny official truths about Christ held by the Church; examples include Arianism, Docetism, and Pelagianism


  2. Zealotsafter Cyrus' decree, the newly liberated Jewish people return to the promised land; return of the first ______


  3. casuistic lawconditional law concerning crime and punishment


  4. Psalm 51type of covenant between two equal beings; e.g. buying and selling of goods


  5. Messiah"annointed one" or another name for a King; commonly misunderstood term in modern Christianity


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