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  1. Second Temple Judaism
  2. Uriah
  3. N.T. Wright
  4. Saul
  5. Bathsheba
  1. a Judaism from 526 BC - 70 AD; time period in Jewish history after the return from exile
  2. b King David's worst mistake; he murders his friend Uriah for this woman because he got her pregnant
  3. c who - the Gospels are true, but cannot be proved; idea of virgin birth is not pre-Christian/Jewish tradition, but instead a pagan idea which would be foolish unless the idea were true
  4. d The first human King of Israel; rose quickly, fell quickly
  5. e Bonus question: what was the name of the man David murdered because David had gotten the man's wife pregnant?

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  1. after years of physically being exiled from their homeland, the Jews find that they have trouble maintaining their connection with Yahweh (different kind of exile)
  2. passage about repentance; create in me a clean heart; likely written by David or one of his writers
  3. Leviticus 25; Debts cancelled; slaves realesed; and returned to orginal owners; 50th Year; Purpose- Help poor; stablize Society.
  4. prophet shortly after the kingdom divides; writes about Jerusalem and their exile from the holy land
  5. the process by which the Canon of the Bible developed: (1) Use by a community, (2) Quotation in ancient authority, (3) Apostolic origin, and (4) "rule of faith"

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  1. exegesisan explanation or critical interpretation (especially of the Bible)


  2. Dei Verbumwho - Bible=God's word, but must discern writer's original intent


  3. Jeremiah 31:31-33passage about Israel's hope for the future in a New Covenant


  4. casuisticconditional law concerning crime and punishment


  5. Ezra1st 5 books of OT; Hebrew "instruction"/"teaching"; traditionally from Moses


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