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  1. Sadducees
  2. parity
  3. documentary hypothesis
  4. Jeremiah 5:26-29
  5. Canonicity
  1. a sect of Jews consisting of priests and wealthy business people; conservatives - Temple
  2. b type of covenant between two equal beings; e.g. buying and selling of goods
  3. c J - Yahwist (Jahwist), E - Elohist, P - Priestly, D - Deuteronomist; Biblical theory to explain repetition in the Torah
  4. d how the canon is developed by the belief that the Bible is the result of both God's inspiration and human interpretation thereof
  5. e passage about wicked people in Israel; God promises His soul's vengeance upon them

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  1. the first superpower to be in control of the Israelites; Tiglath-Pileser III was King
  2. passage about Israel's need to continue to thrive in exile in the land God has exiled them to
  3. the heretical belief Jesus had a human body, but a divine soul (Terminator)
  4. who - the Gospels are true, but not history; metaphors; contradictions; miracles
  5. Creation story where God creates the world in 7 days, ending with man

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  1. Canonical SelectionWhich type of law (apodictic or casuistic) is primarily used in Leviticus?


  2. Canona collection of books accepted as holy scripture especially the books of the Bible recognized by any Christian church as genuine and inspired


  3. Noahide covenantGod wanted his people to have a(n) _______ King


  4. Freudwho - Religion and the Bible are results of human superstition, people need to be liberated from religion


  5. JohnWhich Gospel refers to Jesus as the Logos?


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