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  1. Psalm 2
  2. Book of the Covenant
  3. Decalogue
  4. casuistic
  5. Bathsheba
  1. a the portion of the law given at Sinai after the Ten Commandments (i.e., the casuistic laws in Ex. 22-23)
  2. b the official name of the 10 Commandments (think Greek "ten words"...)
  3. c passage refering to a royal coronation; "annointed one" - messiah; "You are my son"
  4. d King David's worst mistake; he murders his friend Uriah for this woman because he got her pregnant
  5. e Which type of law (apodictic or casuistic) is primarily used in Leviticus?

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  1. ruler of Persia during Israel's exile; allows the first exiles to return to Jerusalem
  2. this gospel portrays Jesus as Immanuel (God with us), in body and church
  3. beliefs that deny official truths about Christ held by the Church; examples include Arianism, Docetism, and Pelagianism
  4. the idea of Roman occupation that said it would bring peace through military dominance; partially successful idea of a Roman world
  5. passage about repentance; create in me a clean heart; likely written by David or one of his writers

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  1. intertestamental periodtime of Hasmonean Dynasty & civil war; Pompey and Rome; period of great Helenization; aka the Silent Years


  2. Markthis gospel portrays Jesus as one who pays for our sins with his death


  3. N.T. Wrightwho - "Jesus is raised, therefore the new Creation has begun, and we have a job to do"


  4. Babylonthe second superpower to be in control of the Israelites; Nebuchadnezzar was King


  5. Borgdescendant of Aaron; born/raised in Babylon; scribe; 1st rabbi; refurnished temple; money to help remnants of Jewish people; copy of Torah


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