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  1. Book of the Covenant
  2. 2 source hypothesis
  3. Diaspora
  4. Isaiah
  5. covenant formula
  1. a explanation for synoptic problem; Matthew and Luke were written using Mark and a book of quotes called Q
  2. b (1) Preamble, (2) Historical Prologue, (3) Stipulations [terms], (4) Publication, (5) List of Witnesses, (6) Curses and Blessings, (7) Oath and Solemn Ceremony
  3. c Jews exiled by Babylonians, living in exile were called the ________
  4. d the portion of the law given at Sinai after the Ten Commandments (i.e., the casuistic laws in Ex. 22-23)
  5. e prophet shortly after the kingdom divides; writes about Jerusalem and their exile from the holy land

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  1. who - Bible=God's word, but must discern writer's original intent
  2. passage about Israel's hope for the future in a New Covenant
  3. Israel's greatest (human) king; who was chosen by God, although the "weakest" of his brothers; succeeds Saul
  4. the "wisest" king of Israel; built the temple
  5. this phrase of honor for a King, not necessarily a reference to divinity; name for King David in Psalm 2 ___ __ ___

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  1. myththe author of the article saying the 10 Commandments should be displayed publicly through our actions


  2. Davidic covenantGod's covenant of peace and justice; royal lineage


  3. AthanasiusChurch (Roman Catholic Church) apologist and Greek patriarch of Alexandria who supported Christian orthodoxy against Arianism - namely that Christ must be fully God and fully human


  4. Jeremiah 5:26-29Creation story which emphasizes Adam's creation and the Garden of Eden


  5. Genesis 1Creation story where God creates the world in 7 days, ending with man


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