Expressions of doubt, disbelief, or denial / Expressions of Certainty

21 terms by andrewmazof

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to doubt


to deny

no creer

not to believe

no estar seguro/a

not to be sure

no es cierto

it's not true; it's not certain

no es seguro

it's not certain

no es verdad

it's not true

es imposible

it's impossible

es improbable

it's improbable

(not) es posible

it's (not) possible

(no) es probable

it's (not) probable

no dudar

not to doubt

no cabe duda de

there is no doubt

no hay duda de

there is no doubt

no negar

not to deny


to believe

estar seguro/a

to be sure

es cierto

it's true; it's certain

es seguro

it's certain

es verdad

it's true

es obvio

it's obvious

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