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  1. Locomotor Mortis
  2. Protego Horribilis
  3. Expecto Patronum
  4. Legilimens
  5. Prior Incantato
  1. a Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim
  2. b reveals a wand's last spell/cast
  3. c Locks opponents legs
  4. d Creates a Patronus
  5. e Provides some form of protection against Dark Magic.

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  1. used to heal relatively minor injuries
  2. Tortures oponent with a flock of birds
  3. Causes weather effects caused by incantations to cease.
  4. Creats fire and repels water
  5. Renders target immobile.

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  1. ImperioCreats fire and repels water


  2. Wingardium LeviosaMakes an object fly


  3. ImperviusRenders target immobile.


  4. RictusempraProduces cuts and severe bleeding for opponent


  5. Cruciosummoning charm


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