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  1. Orchideous
  2. Confringo
  3. Imperio
  4. Repello Muggletum
  5. Mobiliarbus
  1. a Conjures a bunch of flowers
  2. b causes object to explode in flames
  3. c Moves objects with wand
  4. d controls a person (unforgivable spell)
  5. e Spell, repells muggles from wandering upon something magical

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  1. creates a duplicate of any object
  2. Provides some form of protection against Dark Magic.
  3. spell used to animate statues to do the caster's bidding
  4. Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim
  5. Produces boils on opponent

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  1. Serpensortiaconjures a serpent from caster's wand


  2. Ennervatebrings someone out of unconsciousness


  3. ErectoCharm, used to erect something


  4. IncarcerousCreats fire and repels water


  5. LiberacorpusCounters "Levicorpus"


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