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  1. taxonomy
  2. Ursidae
  3. order
  4. domain eukarya
  5. Carnivora
  1. a made up of Ursus & Ailuropoda
  2. b discipline of classifying organisms and assigning each organism a universally accepted name
  3. c domain of all organisms whose cells have nuclei, including protists, plants, fungi, and animals
  4. d ex. Carnivora
  5. e made up of Ursidae, Canidae, & Felidae

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  1. Kingdom of the most complex organisms; multi-cellular, heterotrophic, lack rigid cell walls, mobile,
  2. ex. Reptalia (reptiles)
  3. a kingdom of mostly one-celled eukaryotic organisms that are different from plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi; variety of organisms
  4. large taxonomic group, consisting of closely related phylum
  5. Ursus maritimus

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  1. familyKingdom composed of heterotrophs; many obtain energy and nutrients from dead organic matter


  2. Chordatamade up of Aves, Reptilia, Amphibia, & all classes of fish


  3. Classex. Aves (birds)


  4. cladogramex. Amphibia (amphibians)


  5. familyex. Canidae


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