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  1. Critics of homeschooling suggest that homeschooled children
  2. Sociologists are quick to note that terms such as modernization and development contain a (an) __________ bias.
  3. 30 percent of U.S. couples share most of the housework while 25 percent in Great Britain do; what percent share the housework in Japanese households?
  4. Achieved status is a social position:
  5. Which of the following terms is used by Talcott Parsons and Robert Bales to an emphasis on tasks, a focus on more distant goals, and a concern for the external relationship between one's family and other social institutions?
  1. a are isolated from the larger community and lose an important chance to improve their socializaton skills
  2. b instrumentality
  3. c ethnocentric
  4. d attained by a person largely through his or her own efforts
  5. e 4 percent

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  1. the prohibition of sexual relationships between certain culturally specified relatives
  2. A) All of these are correct!***********
    B) race
    C) social class
    D) gender
  3. the standards of behavior that are deemed proper by society and are taught subtly in schools.
  4. Charles Darwin
  5. population

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  1. Which term refers to a disease or illness that cannot be understood apart from its specific social context?culture-bound syndrome


  2. Which sociologist developed the concept of the sick role?Talcott Parsons


  3. Practices required or expected of members of a faith are known asinfluence


  4. As described by C. Wright Mills, the power elite iswhose members have significantly less control over their own lives than the members of a dominant group


  5. An ethnic group is a group:that is set apart from others because of its national origin or distinctive cultural patterns


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