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  1. Wealth is:
  2. Which of the following terms refers to the social institution through which goods and services are produced, distributed, and consumed
  3. An individual's salary and wages are referred to as:
  4. Which group of U.S. Citizens have the highest percentage of people without health insurance?
  5. A sect is a
  1. a income.
  2. b economic system
  3. c all of a person's material assets, including land, stocks, and other types of property
  4. d Hispanic
  5. e relatively small religious group that has broken away from some other religious organization to renew what it views as the original vision of the faith

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  1. multinational corporations.
  2. A) all of these answers are correct!********
    B) race/ethnicity.
    C) religion.
    D) sexual orientation.
  3. $4.2 trillion
  4. incidence of death in a given population
  5. an economic system under which the means of production and distribution are collectively owned

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  1. Which of the following statements about slavery is true?a set of people related by blood, marriage (or some other agreed-upon relationship), or adoption who share the responsibility for reproducing and caring for members of society


  2. General practices found in every culture, such as dancing, food preparation, interaction with family, and religion, are known ascultural universals


  3. The continuing dependence of former colonies on foreign countries is called:matrilineal descent


  4. Monogamy refers to a form of marriage in which:combining a majority group and a minority group through intermarriage to form a new group


  5. The hijab isthe practice of placing students in specific curriculum groups on the basis of test scores and other criteria


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