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  1. The restriction of mate selection to people within the same group is known as
  2. Fear of and prejudice against homosexuality is called:
  3. Modernization refers to the:
  4. What is the possible reason for why 43 percent of the people who live within 1 mile of hazardous waste treatment facilities in the U.S. do so?
  5. Karl Marx used the term proletariat to refer to:
  1. a process by which a society moves from traditional or less developed institutions to those characteristic of more developed societies
  2. b the working class
  3. c homophobia.
  4. d Racial and ethnic minorities possess less power than others AND economics and discriminatory forces push them to live in these places
  5. e endogamy

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  1. one woman and one man are married only to each other
  2. 2015
  3. the movement out of poverty.
  4. 1,000
  5. social movements

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  1. Which term does Karl Marx use to describe the change that human society will move toward in the development of social change?socialist revolution


  2. The ideology that one sex is superior to the other is known as:sexism.


  3. The continuing dependence of former colonies on foreign countries is called:one woman and one man are married only to each other


  4. A form of marriage in which a person can have several spouses in his or her lifetime but only one spouse at a time is called:serial monogamy


  5. Which sociologist suggested that the growth of the electronic media has facilitated the development of charismatic authorityWilliam I. Thomas


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