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  1. Organized collective activities that address values and social identities as well as improvements in the quality of life are called:
  2. Which of the following does the text define as a family?
  3. The equilibrium model of social change was developed by:
  4. Your textbook refers to "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity" as:
  5. The hijab is
  1. a Talcott Parsons.
  2. b the type of head scarf worn by Muslim women
  3. c a set of people related by blood, marriage (or some other agreed-upon relationship), or adoption who share the responsibility for reproducing and caring for members of society
  4. d health
  5. e new social movements.

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  1. life cycle hypothesis
  2. downsizing
  3. income.
  4. the means of production are largely in private hands, and the main incentive for economic activity is the accumulation of profit
  5. A) all of these answers are correct!*********
    B) end sex discrimination in admissions and financial aid.
    C) eliminate sex-segregated classes.
    D) give girls more opportunities to play sports.

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  1. In large developing nations, the most socially significant mobility is:the movement out of poverty.


  2. Sociologists are quick to note that terms such as modernization and development contain a (an) __________ bias.ethnocentric


  3. Which of the following is the largest single denomination in the United StatesA) all of these answers are correct!*********
    B) educational institutions
    C) religious institutions
    D) the mass media


  4. Segregation refers to the act of:physically separating two groups; it is often imposed on a minority group by a dominant group


  5. What is trackingthe practice of placing students in specific curriculum groups on the basis of test scores and other criteria


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