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  1. Secularization is the:
  2. Which term does Karl Marx use to describe the change that human society will move toward in the development of social change?
  3. The area of common culture between Mexico and the United States is referred to as:
  4. An individual's salary and wages are referred to as:
  5. Which of the following refers to the movement of individuals or groups from one position of society's stratification system to another?
  1. a the borderlands.
  2. b income.
  3. c socialist revolution
  4. d process through which religion's influence on other social institutions diminishes
  5. e social mobility

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  1. 1,000
  2. A) all of these answers are correct!********
    B) race/ethnicity.
    C) religion.
    D) sexual orientation.
  3. Wal-Mart
  4. downsizing
  5. relative deprivation

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  1. Males are expected to dominate family decision making in a (an)patriarchy


  2. Which term was used by Max Weber to refer to the ability to exercise one's will over othersresource mobilization


  3. Segregation refers to the act of:combining a majority group and a minority group through intermarriage to form a new group


  4. The social institution that relies on a recognized set of procedures for implementing and achieving the goals of a group is called a (an)influence


  5. Max Weber referred to people's opportunities to provide themselves with material goods, positive living conditions, and favorable experiences as:wealth and income.


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