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  1. Beta-1 receptor activation causes ___ in the CV system.
  2. In other words, Frank-Starling describes a proportional relationship between ___
  3. Digitalis has a pos inotropic effect. It causes incr [Ca2+](intracel) by ___.
  4. According to the Frank-Starling principle, incr in EDV will cause an incr in ventricular fiber length, leading to ___
  5. Digitalis has a pos inotropic effect. It inhibits ___ on the myocardial cell membrane.
  1. a diminishing Na+ gradient, which diminishes Na+-Ca2+ exchange
  2. b incr dev't tension
  3. c EDV/RAP and CO/SV
  4. d Na+, K+ -ATPase (causing incr [Na+](intracel))
  5. e • positive chronotropy
    • pos dromotropy
    • pos inotropy

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  1. incr
  2. repol of memb potential in preceding AP.
  3. • 1º incr K+ out
    • decr Ca2+ in
  4. • I(f)- inward Na+
  5. decr

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  1. Muscarinic receptor activation causes ___ in the CV, splanchnic, and skeletal vascular smooth muscle constriction


  2. Norepi incr inward Ca2+ during plateau via beta-1 receptors. It also incr SR Ca2+ pump activity by ___, which incr Ca2+ in SR.phosphorylation of phospholamban


  3. In nodal pacing myocytes, phase 3 of AP is repolarization caused by ___.• incr Ca2+ conductance- inward
    • note that this is different; I(Na) in working myocytes


  4. In nodal pacing myocytes, phase 1 of AP is ___.absent


  5. Neg dromotropy reduces AV nodal conduction velocity by ___• decr inward Ca2+ current
    • incr outward K+ current


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