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  1. Although this response originally evolved to help our ancestors survive dangerous and life threatening situations, it can also be triggered by psychological stimuli such as our primary ____________, of a situation as harm/loss, threatening or challenging
  2. The big 5 traits are Openness, conscientiousness, ____________, A and N
  3. A combination of physiological responses that arouse and prepare the body for action is called the ___________.

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  1. PsychosomaticReal and painful physical symptoms that are caused by psychological factors such as our reactions to stress are called ___________ symptoms


  2. IDThe division that contains the biological drives and is the source of all psychic or mental energy is called the __________. this division operates according to the pleasure principle.


  3. Five Factor ModelThe model that organizes all personality traits into 5 categories that can be used to describe differences in Personality is called the ______________.


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