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  1. According to Bandura, our personal beliefs regarding how capable we are of exercising control over events in our lives is called _______________, which in turn affects our performance on a wide variety of behaviors
  2. Although this response originally evolved to help our ancestors survive dangerous and life threatening situations, it can also be triggered by psychological stimuli such as our primary ____________, of a situation as harm/loss, threatening or challenging
  3. A combination of physiological responses that arouse and prepare the body for action is called the ___________.

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  1. Defense MechanismsThe Freudian processes that operate at unconscious levels to help the ego reduce anxiety through self deception are called,________________.


  2. Five Factor ModelReal and painful physical symptoms that are caused by psychological factors such as our reactions to stress are called ___________ symptoms


  3. ExtroversionThe big 5 traits are Openness, conscientiousness, ____________, A and N


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