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  1. ingenuous
  2. inimical
  3. inchoate
  4. dilatory
  5. veracity
  1. a showing innocence or childlike simplicity
  2. b hostile, unfriendly
  3. c filled with truth and accuracy
  4. d intended to delay
  5. e not fully formed; disorganized

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  1. known or understood by only a few
  2. a person who dislikes others
  3. to annoy
  4. to conciliate; to appease
  5. to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock

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  1. intransigentuncompromising; refusing to be reconciled


  2. tacitsilent, not talkative


  3. antagonizeto annoy or provoke to anger


  4. ostentationexcessive slowness


  5. prudencesomeone who shows off learning


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