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  1. waver
  2. frugality
  3. rarefy
  4. fawn
  5. torpor
  1. a to grovel
  2. b a tendency to be thrifty or cheap
  3. c to make thinner or sparser
  4. d to fluctuate between choices
  5. e extreme mental and physical sluggishness

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  1. harsh, jarring noise
  2. wandering and unpredictable
  3. sharp and irritating to the senses
  4. to provide supporting evidence
  5. to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock

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  1. opaqueeasily aroused or changeable; lively or explosive


  2. aestheticconcerning the appreciation of beauty


  3. bolsterto evade responsibility by pretending to be ill


  4. dirgea funeral hymn or mournful speech


  5. meticulousextremely careful about details


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