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  1. dogmatic
  2. exonerate
  3. perfidious
  4. pristine
  5. decorum
  1. a dictatorial in one's opinions
  2. b fresh and clean; uncorrupted
  3. c to clear of blame
  4. d willing to betray one's trust
  5. e appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety

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  1. to judge a dispute between two opposing parties
  2. not fully formed; disorganized
  3. pompous in speech and manner
  4. acting in a fanciful or capricious manner; unpredictable
  5. to speak in favor of

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  1. disparatefundamentally different; entirely unlike


  2. diatribeto set right; to free from error


  3. catalystsomething that brings about a change in something else


  4. pungentsharp and irritating to the senses


  5. permeateto soften; to lessen


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