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  1. Chlorophyll
  2. Lysogenic cycle of a virus
  3. Mutation
  4. What is any fungal disease called?
  5. How are multi-cellular fungi identified
  1. a cycle in which the host cell remains alive.
    1.attachment-sites are disrupted over surface of virus.
    2.penetration-capsid enters emdocytosis, cell pulls virus viron inside.
    3.uncoating- breakdown of viral nucleic from protein coat by host cells enzymes.
    4. Biosynthesis- dna is replicated
  2. b Physical characteristics,colony characteristics, and reproductive spores
  3. c The green photosynthetic coloring matter of plants
  4. d Change in the base sequence of DNA
  5. e Mycosis

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  1. biochemical test like bacteria
  2. Long filaments of cells that are joined together composing the thallus.
  3. 1. Zoology: Study of animal Life
    2. Botany: Study of plant life
    3. Microbiology: Study of microscopic and plant life
  4. Moves stage slowly for precise, final focusing
  5. 1.Growth
    2.Energy Generation

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  1. Body tubeTransmits the image from the objective lenses to the occcular body


  2. Micro-OrganismSmall unit of life capable of 3 life processes and can only be seen with an electron microscope.


  3. Mitotic DivisonChange in the base sequence of DNA


  4. Filamentious fungi morphology*Spherical or oval one celled orgainisms
    *Multiply by budding or fission
    *some have long buds called pseudo-hyphae


  5. ThallusThe inner protein coat around nucleic acid and made up of sub protein units called capsomeres


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