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  1. Taxonomy Hierarchy
  2. What is any fungal disease called?
  3. Five kingdoms of Living organisms
  4. Polyhedral Viruses
  5. Chemoheterotroph
  1. a many sided: the capsid forms the shape of an icosahedron(20 triangular faces with 12 corners)
  2. b 1.Procaryote or Monera: Eubacteria and Archaeobacteria
    2.Protista; Slime molds,Protozoa and some algae
    3.Fungi- Unicelluar yeast and multi-cellular molds and mushrooms
    4.Plantae- Some algae,all mosses,ferns,conifers,and flowering plants
    5.Animalia-Sponges,worms,insects,and vertebrates
  3. c Kingdom
  4. d Mycosis
  5. e Organism that uses organic molecules as a source of carbon and energy

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  1. Primary lenses that magnify the image or specimen.

    Low power- 10x
    High power-40x
    Oil immersion-100x
  2. Roughly spherical in shape(HIV or RSV)
  3. *Spherical or oval one celled orgainisms
    *Multiply by budding or fission
    *some have long buds called pseudo-hyphae
  4. complicated structures; part may be helical and part may be polyhedral(Ebola and cholera)
  5. Covers the capsid in some viruses and consists of a combination of lipids ,proteins, and carbohydrates.

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  1. How are multi-cellular fungi identifiedPhysical characteristics,colony characteristics, and reproductive spores


  2. BacteriophageVirus that infects bacteria


  3. Helical VirusesViruses that resemble long rods and may be rigid or flexible(ex Flu or Measels)


  4. Stage adjustmet knobsControl the movement of the stage


  5. What means can be used to see a virusElectron Microscope


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