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  1. Mechanical stage
  2. Why are microbes important
  3. Taxonomy
  4. Seriological test
  5. How is bacteria measured
  1. a Microbes play an important role in the ecological food chain. They also maintain the balance in man and animals by processing essential vitamins in the intestines.
  2. b The orderly classification of plants and animals
  3. c Flat plate that holds the microscope slide in position.
  4. d Test used to detect the presence of anitbodies against a microorganism
  5. e Bacteria is measured in micrometers and are equal to 0.000001 meter.

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  1. Controls the amount of light entering condenser
  2. The core of a virus. It contains DNA and RNA and can be single or double stranded.
  3. The study of Fungi
  4. Cross walls contained inside the hyphae
  5. Carolus Linnaeus a swedish Botanist in 1735.

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  1. ArmCross walls contained inside the hyphae


  2. VirionA complete, fully developedd viral particle composed of nucleic acid and surronded by a protein coat.


  3. Micro-OrganismSmall unit of life capable of 3 life processes and can only be seen with an electron microscope.


  4. ChemoheterotrophOrganism that uses organic molecules as a source of carbon and energy


  5. What shows exact characteristics of a virusDNA and RNA fingerprints


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