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  1. Complex viruses
  2. Solid media culture technique leads to what?
  3. Arm
  4. Objective lenses
  5. Biotechnology
  1. a complicated structures; part may be helical and part may be polyhedral(Ebola and cholera)
  2. b Primary lenses that magnify the image or specimen.

    Low power- 10x
    High power-40x
    Oil immersion-100x
  3. c Support plate extending from the base to occular body tube
  4. d The industrial or commercial use of microrganisms to make useful products.
  5. e plaque method of detecting viruses in which the concentrations of viral suspensions are measured in PFUs

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  1. Roughly spherical in shape(HIV or RSV)
  2. *Can be determined by presence or absence of an envelope.
    * Family name en in "viridae" and genus names end in "virus"
  3. Cross walls contained inside the hyphae
  4. *Spherical or oval one celled orgainisms
    *Multiply by budding or fission
    *some have long buds called pseudo-hyphae
  5. Remagnifies the image formed by the objective lens

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  1. BacteriophageThe green photosynthetic coloring matter of plants


  2. HyphaThe inner protein coat around nucleic acid and made up of sub protein units called capsomeres


  3. of 100,000 species of fungi how many are pathogenic to humans.200


  4. FungiAerobic or facultatively anaerobic chemoheterotrophs
    (yeast,mold,and fleshy fungi such as mushrooms)


  5. Seriological testFlat plate that holds the microscope slide in position.


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