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  1. Magnification
  2. what is the most common method used to identify a virus
  3. 3 Life processes that a Micro-organism is capable of.
  4. Capsid
  5. Stage adjustmet knobs
  1. a The inner protein coat around nucleic acid and made up of sub protein units called capsomeres
  2. b Control the movement of the stage
  3. c Seriological testing
  4. d 1.Growth
    2.Energy Generation
  5. e Ratio of an apparent size of an object as seen to the actual size of the object.

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  1. Covers the capsid in some viruses and consists of a combination of lipids ,proteins, and carbohydrates.
  2. Mycosis
  3. *Used in synthetic chemical products as preservatives such as yeast.
    *Consume certain pollutants as a source of energy
    *used to make sauerkraut,pickles, and vinegar
  4. Cross walls contained inside the hyphae
  5. Aerobic or facultatively anaerobic chemoheterotrophs
    (yeast,mold,and fleshy fungi such as mushrooms)

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  1. SpikesCarbohydrate-protein complex rods that project from the surface of the envelope.(also can be used as a means of virus identification)


  2. Seriological testFlat plate that holds the microscope slide in position.


  3. Photosynthesisthe process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy


  4. DiaphragmLong filaments of cells that are joined together composing the thallus.


  5. Coarse focusing knobControl the movement of the stage


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