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  1. The amplitude of the signal can be easily _____ _____.
  2. What is RMS?
  3. What is the challenge of measuring the microphone signal of a person's voice?
  4. The inverse square law has important implications for what?
  5. What does assembling a psycho physical scale mean?
  1. a measuring sound pressure level in decibels of a person's spoken output because the distance of our measuring device from the speaker makes an enormous difference to the actual decibel values that we measure
  2. b root mean square
  3. c making a connection between somebody's perceptual response or experience to a physical measure that links the two parameters together
  4. d defined mathematically
  5. e the signal goes up and down in it's amplitude all the time so it is constantly changing.

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  1. relative measures as long as you're comparing like with like
  2. periodic sounds
    number of harmonic components
    aperiodic sounds
  3. a perceptual characteristic
  4. amplitude
  5. *overall capacity of a person's voice
    *the shape and dimensions of VRP will vary across individuals and within individuals before and after treatment

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  1. How is intensity defined?WATTS divided by a unit area
    *if you take the amount of energy that a stereo is giving out and divide it across the surface of a sphere you see that there's less energy availabe per unit area as that sphere gets larger
    *it is simply spread out over a larger surface


  2. Loudness is influenced by what?frequency and spectrum


  3. What is the benefit of a logarithimic scale?it is capable of accomodating a large range of numbers in a very straight forward and visually intuitive way


  4. How does RMS work?root mean square


  5. What happens as the radius gets bigger?the intensity drops not in proportion to the distance but in proportion to the square of the distance


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