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  1. At which range do our ears have substantially less sensitivity to sound?
  2. What type of characteristic is loudness and what does it correlate to?
  3. What does RMS represent?
  4. What is acoustic power?
  5. What is the challenge of measuring the microphone signal of a person's voice?
  1. a the signal goes up and down in it's amplitude all the time so it is constantly changing.
  2. b a perceptual characteristic
  3. c *how much energy is radiated
    *it is measured in watts
    *represents the amount of energy transfer in a given amount of time
  4. d very low frequencies and very high frequencies
  5. e the amplitude of the signal

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  1. relative measures as long as you're comparing like with like
  2. measures intensity in decibels
  3. making a connection between somebody's perceptual response or experience to a physical measure that links the two parameters together
  4. *increase our subglottal pressure/more driving pressure for loud speech
    *it causes the vocal folds to move farther apart as they oscillate = more forceful vocal fold collisions
    *larger articulator movements
    *because more pressure has come from the lungs to drive the larynx, there is higher oral presure as you form consonants thus, the consonant burst release is stronger
  5. 1st: take all of the values + and - of the signal and square them
    2nd: get the average of the squared values (it will be +)
    3rd: get the square root of the average which then gives you the RMS

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  1. Why do we use logarithimic numbers and decibels?because values in watts are too cumbersome


  2. What happens as the radius gets bigger?converts electrical energy into acoustic energy
    *a home stereo is a transducer


  3. What can RMS be applied to?the amplitude of the signal


  4. What is the inverse square law?by the human listener
    cannot be measured by equipment


  5. What is RMS?root mean square


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