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  1. Why do we use logarithimic numbers and decibels?
  2. How is loudness judged?
  3. What is the general principle of the inverse square law?
  4. What type of characteristic is loudness and what does it correlate to?
  5. What range do our ears have the greatest sensitivity to sounds?
  1. a by the human listener
    cannot be measured by equipment
  2. b to specify exactly how the intensity of sound diminishes as the hearer/recorder gets further away form the speaker/sound source
  3. c because values in watts are too cumbersome
  4. d the middle range around 1000 Hz
  5. e a perceptual characteristic

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  1. Our hearing is not equally sensitive to all frequencies; it is heavily influenced by the frequency that we are listening to
  2. the intensity drops not in proportion to the distance but in proportion to the square of the distance
  3. *overall capacity of a person's voice
    *the shape and dimensions of VRP will vary across individuals and within individuals before and after treatment
  4. root mean square
  5. amplitude

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  1. What happens when we adjust the loudness of our speech?*increase our subglottal pressure/more driving pressure for loud speech
    *it causes the vocal folds to move farther apart as they oscillate = more forceful vocal fold collisions
    *larger articulator movements
    *because more pressure has come from the lungs to drive the larynx, there is higher oral presure as you form consonants thus, the consonant burst release is stronger


  2. When doing research and publishing it is important to state these 2 things.*that they used dB SPL
    *the distance of the sound level meter from the speaker


  3. The amplitude of the signal can be easily _____ _____.amplitude


  4. How is intensity defined?by the human listener
    cannot be measured by equipment


  5. Why does minimum amplitude level in decibels get higher as you go left to right to the higher Fo's?*that they used dB SPL
    *the distance of the sound level meter from the speaker


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