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  1. American Society of Radiology Tecnologists
  2. Nuclear medicine
  3. generator control
  4. Administrative Director of Radiology
  5. competency
  1. a Has direct responsibility and authority for operation and organization of the Radiology Department including:Staffing, Planning, Scheduling, Budgeting
    Maintains safety and minimize hazards in the workplace
  2. b control console, where kVp & mAs can be controlled always located out of the room behind leaded window
  3. c the branch of medicine that uses radioactive materials either to image a patient's body or to destroy diseased cells
  4. d observable, successful, achievement of the performance objectives
  5. e What does ASRT stand for?

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  1. The process by which bones form within the body is known as _______________.
  2. The central hollow portion of long bones is called the ________________________.
  3. difference between adjacent densities on a radiographic image.
  4. what remains of the primary beam after it has been attenuated by matter, exit radiation, passes through the film holder and exposes the film
  5. directs the path of the x-raybeam toward the patient, after it emerges from the x-ray tube.

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  1. principle-based ethicsUse of moral principles as a basis for defending a chosen path of action in resolving an ethical dilemma


  2. eversionput into a certain place or abstract location


  3. tortan understood rule for accepted and expected behavior. Norms prescribe "proper" behavior


  4. x-ray tubea mechanism consisting of an anode and a cathode in a vacuum that produces a controlled x-ray beam.


  5. radiation(physiology) moving of a body part away from the central axis of the body


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