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  1. cognitive domain, affective domain, and psychomotor domain
  2. collimator assembly
  3. cognitive domain
  4. Registry
  5. veracity
  1. a directs the path of the x-raybeam toward the patient, after it emerges from the x-ray tube.
  2. b devotion to the truth
  3. c What are the 3 domains of learning?
  4. d A list of individuals holding certification in a particular profession
  5. e Hierarchy of objectives ranging from simplistic thinking skills to the more complex ones. Ex: A student who does not have a firm understanding of what qualifies a mammal will have dificulty classifying a platypus.

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  1. meaning an x-ray beam can pass through the material
  2. The "skill" domain; includes motor skills such as giving an injection.
  3. The dense outer layer of a bone is called ___________ bone.
  4. control console, where kVp & mAs can be controlled always located out of the room behind leaded window
  5. (physiology) moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body

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  1. recumbentlying down in any position


  2. amphiarthrosisa slightly movable joint


  3. mammographyradiograph of the breast


  4. indirect supervisionan accidental clinical staff member must monitor the activities of each student radiographer


  5. x-ray tubea mechanism consisting of an anode and a cathode in a vacuum that produces a controlled x-ray beam.


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