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Rad 101 Exam Review Test

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  1. long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones
  2. 2
  3. Nuclear medicine
  4. flat bones
  5. primary radiation
  1. a What are the four classifications of bones?
  2. b Cranial, sternum, ribs and scapula
  3. c What is the minimum number of projections required for most radiographic procedure?
  4. d x-ray beam after it leaves the x-ray tube and before it reaches the object
  5. e the branch of medicine that uses radioactive materials either to image a patient's body or to destroy diseased cells

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  1. A list of individuals holding certification in a particular profession
  2. How many bones are in the body?
  3. What are the 3 types of image receptor systems?
  4. What the components of ethical analysis?
  5. refers to parts towards the head of the body

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  1. abductionmovement that turns the palm down


  2. anterioract of bending a joint


  3. recumbentlying down in any position


  4. virtue-based ethicsEthical theory that emphasizes the agents who perform actions and make choices; character and virtue form the framework of this ethical theory


  5. competencyRound or oval opening through a bone


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