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  1. Hydrocele
  2. Trichinosis signs and symptoms
  3. Onchocerciasis signs and symptoms
  4. Filariasis diagnoses
  5. Loss of skin elasticity and lymphadentitis
  1. a Hanging groin
  2. b Collection of fluid in the testes
  3. c Identify microfilariae in the peripheral blood, use thick and thin smears for species identification
  4. d Retinal hemorrhage, muscle soreness, photophobia, fever of 104, swollen upper eyelids, profuse sweating/chills, cardiac/neurological complications, death from myocardial failure
  5. e Pruritic rash, dermatitis altered pigmentation, and loss of skin elasticity and lymphadentitis

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  1. Indirectly by clothing, bed, and food
  2. Bite of an infected deer fly
  3. Leopard skin
  4. Thiabendazole
  5. Whipworm disease

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  1. Onchocerciasis: genus of female black flySimulium


  2. Ancylostoma duodenal reservoirCylindrical or threadlike


  3. Round wormAnother name for a nematode


  4. Ascariasis mode of transmissionBite of an infected deer fly


  5. Trichuriasis symptoms in childrenRectal prolapse, clubbing finger, anemia


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