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  1. Dracunculiasis occurrence
  2. Onchocerciasis mode of transmission
  3. Hookworm Disease also known as..
  4. Trichuriasis also known as..
  5. Trichinosis death symptom
  1. a Ancylostomiasis, Uncinariasis, Necatoriasis
  2. b Africa and Asia
  3. c Whipworm disease
  4. d Bite of an infected female black fly
  5. e Myocardial failure

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  1. Mebendazole
  2. Another name for a nematode
  3. Cylindrical or threadlike
  4. Perianal itching, can't sleep well, and vulvovaginitis
  5. 1-6 weeks

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  1. Strongyloidiasis treatmentBanocide


  2. Onchocerciasis: genus of female black flySimulium


  3. Loiasis mode of transmissionBite of an infected deer fly


  4. Loss of skin elasticity and lymphadentitisHanging groin


  5. Microfilaria stage locationPre larval stage


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