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  1. Dracunculiasis occurrence
  2. Filariasis treatment
  3. Microfilaria stage location
  4. Ascariasis treatment
  5. Filariasis color
  1. a Creamy white
  2. b Banocide
  3. c Mebendazole
  4. d In human blood and tissue
  5. e Africa and Asia

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  1. Pruritic rash, dermatitis altered pigmentation, and loss of skin elasticity and lymphadentitis
  2. Threadlike
  3. 1 year
  4. Muscle soreness and swollen upper eyelids
  5. Surgically remove the worm

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  1. Trichinosis signs and symptomsMuscle soreness and swollen upper eyelids


  2. Microfilaria larva stagePre larval stage


  3. Onchocerciasis: genus of female black flyChrysops


  4. Ascariasis mode of transmissionIngesting eggs in contaminated food or soil


  5. Enterobiasis mode of transmissionIndirectly by clothing, bed, and food


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