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  1. Onchocerciasis incubation period
  2. Trichinosis fever lasts..
  3. Hookworm Disease also known as..
  4. Filariasis diagnoses
  5. Enterobiasis mode of transmission
  1. a 1-6 weeks
  2. b Identify microfilariae in the peripheral blood, use thick and thin smears for species identification
  3. c 1 year
  4. d Ancylostomiasis, Uncinariasis, Necatoriasis
  5. e Indirectly by clothing, bed, and food

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  1. Another name for a nematode
  2. Pruritic rash, dermatitis altered pigmentation, and loss of skin elasticity and lymphadentitis
  3. Ingesting eggs in contaminated food or soil
  4. Surgically remove the worm
  5. Myocardial failure

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  1. Ascariasis colorWhite or pink


  2. HydroceleCollection of fluid in the testes


  3. Nematod shapeCylindrical or threadlike


  4. Loiasis: genus of deer flyChrysops


  5. Trichinosis signs and symptomsRetinal hemorrhage, muscle soreness, photophobia, fever of 104, swollen upper eyelids, profuse sweating/chills, cardiac/neurological complications, death from myocardial failure


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