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  1. Ghana
  2. Swahili coast
  3. Shi'ites
  4. Huitzilopochtli
  5. Bering Strait
  1. a religious group/Muslims/partisans of Ali /2nd largest tradition of Islam
  2. b was the Aztec god of the Sun and the war.
  3. c 1st west Africa kingdom based on the gold and salt trade
  4. d Bridge or tunnel spanning between Chukka and peninsula - linking Asia and north America
  5. e coastal area of east Africa inhabited by the Swahili people / mixed of African-Arabian

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  1. poor migrating people from northern Mexico found work as soldiers
  2. Mesoamerica/ made from city states that were independent from each other / stretched from south Mexico to north central America
  3. (corn) olmecs, maya, and the aztecs all depended on this
  4. food products and manufactured goods from Carthage across the dessert in exchange for salt,gold,copper,skis,etc,and perhaps slaves
  5. Mexico city named used when it was the capital of the Aztec empire

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  1. Jihadis Arabic for "struggle, effort, to strive, to exert, to fight," understood as "holy war"


  2. Sunnisa strip of land that divides the desert from wetter areas ...


  3. Great Zimbabwethe last indigenous leader of the inca state in peru / executed


  4. Tupac Amaruthe last indigenous leader of the inca state in peru / executed


  5. Toltec soldest civilization in the American/mesoamerica .... builders, mesoamericans , engaged in fishing and hunting


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