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  1. Shi'ites
  2. Mississippi culture
  3. Aztecs
  4. Swahili coast
  5. Nazca
  1. a was a mound-building .. began in the ms river
  2. b religious group/Muslims/partisans of Ali /2nd largest tradition of Islam
  3. c poor migrating people from northern Mexico found work as soldiers
  4. d coastal area of east Africa inhabited by the Swahili people / mixed of African-Arabian
  5. e Andean civilization culture flourished along the southern coast of Peru... developed extensive irrigation systems including underground canals..... also known for beautiful textiles and pottery

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  1. 1st west Africa kingdom based on the gold and salt trade
  2. important trade center in Mali ... part of the Mali empire/ center of Islamic learning
  3. a strip of land that divides the desert from wetter areas ...
  4. Arab traveler who described Africa societies and cultures in his travel records
  5. Bridge or tunnel spanning between Chukka and peninsula - linking Asia and north America

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  1. Toltec sbuilt temples and pyramids/ carved large shapes of armed warriors.... warlike people ... worshiped a fierce god who demanded blood and human sacrifice


  2. Sunnisthe largest tradition of slam .


  3. Bantu migrationMai's most famous Ruler " ruler of Mali"


  4. Macchu Piccuan Inca sacred place in the Andean mountains of Peru..built by the Incas


  5. Great Zimbabwethe last indigenous leader of the inca state in peru / executed


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