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  1. Tenochtitlan
  2. Timbuktu
  3. trans Saharan trade
  4. caliphate
  5. Shi'ites
  1. a Mexico city named used when it was the capital of the Aztec empire
  2. b temporal leader of the Islamic community.. political religious state that encompassed the Muslim community
  3. c religious group/Muslims/partisans of Ali /2nd largest tradition of Islam
  4. d food products and manufactured goods from Carthage across the dessert in exchange for salt,gold,copper,skis,etc,and perhaps slaves
  5. e important trade center in Mali ... part of the Mali empire/ center of Islamic learning

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  1. Kingdom built on gold /wealthy/ where the kingdoms where the kings lived/
  2. American Indian inhabitant of the canyons of northern Arizona and new Mexico and Southwestern Colorado
  3. born in mecca, prophet of Islam,
  4. (corn) olmecs, maya, and the aztecs all depended on this
  5. built temples and pyramids/ carved large shapes of armed warriors.... warlike people ... worshiped a fierce god who demanded blood and human sacrifice

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  1. Qua ranthe holy scriptures of Islam... Muslim holy book.. sacred book of Islam


  2. Mississippi culturecoastal area of east Africa inhabited by the Swahili people / mixed of African-Arabian


  3. H jirais Arabic for "struggle, effort, to strive, to exert, to fight," understood as "holy war"


  4. MayaMesoamerica/ made from city states that were independent from each other / stretched from south Mexico to north central America


  5. Great Zimbabweimportant trade center in Mali ... part of the Mali empire/ center of Islamic learning


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