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  1. Qua ran
  2. Gupta Dynasty
  3. Mansa Musa
  4. Aztecs
  5. Mali
  1. a poor migrating people from northern Mexico found work as soldiers
  2. b Kingdom built on gold /wealthy/ where the kingdoms where the kings lived/
  3. c An ancient Indian empire
  4. d Mai's most famous Ruler " ruler of Mali"
  5. e the holy scriptures of Islam... Muslim holy book.. sacred book of Islam

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  1. Bridge or tunnel spanning between Chukka and peninsula - linking Asia and north America
  2. Mexico city named used when it was the capital of the Aztec empire
  3. built temples and pyramids/ carved large shapes of armed warriors.... warlike people ... worshiped a fierce god who demanded blood and human sacrifice
  4. a strip of land that divides the desert from wetter areas ...
  5. an Inca sacred place in the Andean mountains of Peru..built by the Incas

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  1. MaizeKingdom built on gold /wealthy/ where the kingdoms where the kings lived/


  2. trans Saharan tradefood products and manufactured goods from Carthage across the dessert in exchange for salt,gold,copper,skis,etc,and perhaps slaves


  3. Ethiopiaon the first civilizations to appear on the African continent emerged in the Nile river valley . "hermit kingdom" home of Prester John


  4. IncaMesoamerica/ made from city states that were independent from each other / stretched from south Mexico to north central America


  5. Tupac Amaruthe last indigenous leader of the inca state in peru / executed


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