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  1. pallor
  2. myopic
  3. paradigm
  4. odious
  5. egocentric
  1. a deserving hate or contempt
  2. b a self-centered person with little regard for others
  3. c Nearsighted; lacking a broad, realistic view of a situation; lacking foresight or discernment
  4. d a standard or typical example
  5. e an extreme or unnatural paleness

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  1. a group organized by rank
  2. move or swing from side to side regularly
  3. gift made by a will; something handed down from an ancestor
  4. cause to start burning
  5. (logic) a self-contradiction

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  1. garishtastelessly gaudy


  2. remisstastelessly gaudy


  3. palatiala standard or typical example


  4. officiousintrusive in a meddling or offensive manner


  5. posterityshining; brilliant; Ex. lustrous hair


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