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  1. Bulimia Nervosa
  2. Motives for sex
  3. masters and johnson
  4. peer influence
  5. motives for rape
  1. a -Parents
    -Non-Shared environment
  2. b -Pleasure
    -partner approval
    -attain a specific goal
  3. c Narcissism and hostility toward women
    -a desire to dominate, humiliate, or punish the victim
  4. d Excessive eating (binges) followed by forced vomiting or use of laxatives
  5. e among the first to use laboratory experimentation and observation to study the sexual response cycle (1950s-60s); levels include excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution

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  1. Conscious morality and social standards
  2. Rarely get jealous or worried about abandonment
  3. 1st year of life, seek oral gratification (experiencing the world through your mouth)
  4. Characteristic of an individual describing a habitual way of behaving, thinking, and feeling
  5. statistical estimate of the proportion of the total variance in some trait that is attributable to genetic differences among individuals within a group 50% of variation.

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  1. SimilarityChoosing friends and lovers who are like us in looks, attitudes, beliefs, personality, and interests.


  2. MotivationWhen a threatening idea, memory, or emotion is blocked form consciousness (done by ego)


  3. kinsey survey of sexualityDistinctive and relatively stable pattern of behaviors, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes an individual


  4. Possible biological factorsUniversal memories, symbols, and experiences of the human kind represented in the archetypes or universal symbolic images that appear in myths, art, stories, and dreams


  5. Others-Binging without purging
    -Chewing food without swallowing
    -Maintaining normal weight but worrying obsessively about gaining


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