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  1. Phallic Stage
  2. Collectivist Culturist
  3. Others
  4. Genital Stage
  5. Carl Jung
  1. a Cultures in which the self is regarded as embedded in relationships and harmony
  2. b Age 3 to 5 or 6, when a child wants extreme attention from he parent of the opposite sex and wants to do away with the other parent
  3. c Puberty, adulthood- leads to adult sexuality
  4. d -Binging without purging
    -Chewing food without swallowing
    -Maintaining normal weight but worrying obsessively about gaining
  5. e Jugian Theory

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  1. When a person's own unacceptable or threatening feelings are repressed and then attributed to someone else.
  2. We all have a life story
  3. 25% of American children are obese
    Half of Americans are obese
  4. infancy to 2 years
  5. doing something to please others or to get a reward out of it

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  1. Carl RogersJugian Theory


  2. Gender rolescollections of rules that determine the proper attitudes and behavior for men and women


  3. RegressionWhen a threatening idea, memory, or emotion is blocked form consciousness (done by ego)


  4. Collective UnconsciousUniversal memories, symbols, and experiences of the human kind represented in the archetypes or universal symbolic images that appear in myths, art, stories, and dreams


  5. SuperegoConscious morality and social standards


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