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  1. Machiavelli
  2. movable type
  3. Song Dynasty
  4. Steppe nomads
  5. Urban II
  1. a Barbarians .. Warlike People
  2. b is known for starting the 1st crusades ... Challenged the Christians to take up there weapons and join in a holy war to recover the holy land
  3. c one of the more successful Chinese dynasties .. founded by emperor song taizu
  4. d Italian who wrote the Prince ..
  5. e printing method ...which each character is cast on a separate piece of metal

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  1. a war between France and England
  2. (father of the Italian renaissance) humanism, sought out forgotten latin manuscripts .. also began the humanist emphasis on the use of pure classical latin
  3. a period the popes resided ... leading to an increase in anti papal sentiment
  4. designed to select the best administrative officials for the stte of bureaucracy
  5. a nomadic people from central Asia ... converted to Islam

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  1. Battle of ToursBattle between Frankish and Islamic Army ... Franks Win


  2. Leonardo Da Vinci(the last Supper) studied everything and even dissected human bodies to see how nature works


  3. Kings Crusade3rd crusade ... an attempt by European leaders to reconquer the holy land from saladin


  4. Feudalisman organized system of government ..


  5. Manora nomadic pastoral people who swept out of the gobi desert ...empire extending from china and persia


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