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  1. Commitatus
  2. Charlemagne
  3. Tang dynasty
  4. Christian Schism
  5. Clovis
  1. a A christian ... unable to read and write .... created the Carolingian Empire .. Emperor of the Romans
  2. b division between the roman catholic church and the eastern orthodox church ...
  3. c The imperial dynasty of china .."era of poetry and sculpture""golden age of civil and artistic
  4. d a group of warriors or nobles accompanying a king or leader
  5. e A catholic Christian ... established a powerful new Frankish Kingdom

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  1. came to an end immediately after sui yandis deafth... Buddhism and daoism .. had merged as rivals against confucianism
  2. (father of the Italian renaissance) humanism, sought out forgotten latin manuscripts .. also began the humanist emphasis on the use of pure classical latin
  3. spread rapidly seizing the lands of the seljuk turks ...forces defeated the serbs ... under sultan murad
  4. designed to select the best administrative officials for the stte of bureaucracy
  5. warriors .... ships were the best of the period .... attacked small villages and towns , destroyed churches , and easily defeated small armies

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  1. Bubonic Plagueconduct for caring goods between northern and southern china .. used to carry rice and other products into food starved northern Providence


  2. mongolsa nomadic pastoral people who swept out of the gobi desert ...empire extending from china and persia


  3. Leonardo Da Vinci(the last Supper) studied everything and even dissected human bodies to see how nature works


  4. Hundred years wara war between France and England


  5. Avignon papacya period the popes resided ... leading to an increase in anti papal sentiment


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