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  1. Tang dynasty
  2. Clovis
  3. Steppe nomads
  4. Charles Martel
  5. Saladin
  1. a A catholic Christian ... established a powerful new Frankish Kingdom
  2. b (Muslim) Reconquered Jerusalem from the Christians .. agreed to allow Christian pilgrims free access to Jerusalem
  3. c The imperial dynasty of china .."era of poetry and sculpture""golden age of civil and artistic
  4. d Was the leader of the Frankish Army at the battle of Tours
  5. e Barbarians .. Warlike People

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  1. a war between France and England
  2. warriors .... ships were the best of the period .... attacked small villages and towns , destroyed churches , and easily defeated small armies
  3. division between the roman catholic church and the eastern orthodox church ...
  4. a period the popes resided ... leading to an increase in anti papal sentiment
  5. printing method ...which each character is cast on a separate piece of metal

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  1. Examination systemdivision between the roman catholic church and the eastern orthodox church ...


  2. Feudalismstudied arts,grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy, historical movement.. and writings of the ancient Greeks


  3. MachiavelliItalian who wrote the Prince ..


  4. Kings Crusadeholy war .. against Christians and Muslims to regain the holy lands .. ultimately resulting in the capture of Jerusalem


  5. 1st Crusade3rd crusade ... an attempt by European leaders to reconquer the holy land from saladin


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