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  1. Occupational medicine
  2. Barber and beauty shop employees performed certifications
  3. Audiology
  4. Chrysotile
  5. Asbestos bulk sample collection and submission samples
  1. a IAW NAVMED P-5010
  2. b focuses on medical surveillance for employees potentially exposed to hazards that are identified on workplace monitoring plan
  3. c white asbestos
  4. d the science of hearing, particularly the study of impaired hearing that cannot be improved by medication or surgery
  5. e a sample should be taken for every 10 feet of lagging if it is the same materials

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  1. do NOT rely on any such markings
  2. update medical surveillance questionnaire
  3. personnel recommended for placement on medical surveillance
  4. results of sample will be recorded on the DD 1222 and returned to the command
  5. routine removal should be performed by shore intermediate maintenance activity (SIMA)

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  1. Forklift operators program frequencyshipboard asbestos reponse initial, respiratory protection initial and annual


  2. Asbetos recordskept indefinitely


  3. Manual and medical matrixwhen employee had possible overexposure


  4. Food service personnel lab determinationfollowing absence from job for 30 days or more


  5. AMSP requirements: 35-44 year old past worker with more than 10 years since first exposureperiodic (annual) every 2 years


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