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  1. Asbestos bulk sample collection and submission cutting
  2. Asbestosis latency period
  3. Crocidolite
  4. Asbestos bulk sample collection and submission results
  5. Medical surveillance examination records
  1. a up to 20 years
  2. b keep for 50 years
  3. c cut at 1/2 inch (quarter sized) diameter core
  4. d blue asbestos
  5. e results of sample will be recorded on the DD 1222 and returned to the command

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  1. keep all IH records for 40 years
  2. update medical surveillance questionnaire
  3. high, 500-1500 C
  4. material that can be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder under hand pressure, thereby releasing airborne fibers
  5. chest x-ray: use for current and past 10+ years since exposure

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  1. Crocidolite formblue asbestos


  2. Food service personnel lab determinationfollowing absence from job for 30 days or more


  3. Asbestosemergency asbestos ripout team


  4. Asbestos control program training:IH officersshipboard asbestos reponse initial, respiratory protection initial and annual


  5. Exposure to blood and/or body fluids qualificationshepatitis B vaccine series complete or prior infection documented


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