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  1. Audiology
  2. AMSP record maintenance: discuss NEHC-TM OM 6260
  3. Record keeping requirements
  4. Chrysotile
  5. Toxicology
  1. a the scientific study of poisons, their action and detection, and the treatment of conditions produced by them
  2. b exterior of health record and x-ray jacket must be prominently marked with "ASBESTOS" on the exterior
  3. c the science of hearing, particularly the study of impaired hearing that cannot be improved by medication or surgery
  4. d white asbestos
  5. e keep all IH records for 40 years

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  1. 0.1 f/cc at an 8 hour TWA
  2. detect early indicators of excessive work exposure
  3. kept indefinitely
  4. mail or hand deliver to NEHC
  5. done by physician

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  1. AMSP requirements: 35-44 year old past worker with more than 10 years since first exposureidentify personnel involved in asbestos repair or removal operations


  2. Workplace assessment conducted byindustrial hygienist, qualified technician


  3. Medical surveillance examination recordskeep for 50 years


  4. Asbestos exposureaviation mechanic (AME), builder (BU), engineman (EN), medical personnel
    (NOT IT's)


  5. EARTmedical department determinations


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