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  1. lipoma
  2. osteoma
  3. carcinoma
  4. impetigo
  5. amoeba
  1. a A cancerous tumor
  2. b benign tumor of fat cell
  3. c microscopic, unicellular protozoa found in decaying organic material at the bottom of bodies of fresh water. Parasite
  4. d benign tumor of consisting of bone tissue
  5. e a very contagious infection of the skin. bacterial infection, seen in children

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  1. fleas, ticks, lice, scabies.
    can carry disease. small animal. can be seen
  2. an epidemic that is geographically widespread. worldwide
  3. benign tumor of cartilage
  4. Chronic, noninfectious, raised, reddened round plaques covered by silvery white scales. possible autoimmune
  5. being long-lasting and recurrent or characterized by long suffering

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  1. etiologystudy of the cause of disease


  2. hivesRed, itchy, possibly raised blotches on the skin that often result from allergic reactions, stress


  3. acutehaving or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course


  4. anaplasiaa change in the structure of cells and in their orientation to each other.
    cancer cells


  5. adenomabenign tumor of fat cell


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