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  1. papilloma
  2. pathogenesis
  3. bacteria
  4. 4th degree burn
  5. amoeba
  1. a microscopic, unicellular protozoa found in decaying organic material at the bottom of bodies of fresh water. Parasite
  2. b single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus, parasite. classified by shaped, size staining properties(gram pos. or neg.), aerobic, anaaerobic
  3. c muscle and bones burn.
    large infection risk, very long time to heal, may need amputation. skin graft
  4. d the origination and development of a disease
  5. e a benign, superficial wart-like growth on the epithelial tissue or elsewhere in the body.

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  1. mole
  2. A cancerous tumor
  3. germ. bacteria or virus
  4. disease native to or confined to a certain region
  5. a change in the structure of cells and in their orientation to each other.
    cancer cells

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  1. fungusmole


  2. melanomaa benign epithelial tumor of a gland


  3. risk factorsSubjective indications of disease reported by the patient.- pain, dizziness,itching


  4. 3rd degree burn"Partial-thickness burn" blistering, some swelling and pink-red color. involves epidermis and upper layer of the dermis.


  5. decubitus ulcerany change, other than an injury, that disrupts the normal functions of the body


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