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  1. carcinoma
  2. 2nd degree burn
  3. metastasis
  4. acute
  5. 4th degree burn
  1. a A cancerous tumor
  2. b "Partial-thickness burn" blistering, some swelling and pink-red color. involves epidermis and upper layer of the dermis.
  3. c having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course
  4. d the spread of cancer cells beyond the original site of growth
  5. e muscle and bones burn.
    large infection risk, very long time to heal, may need amputation. skin graft

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  1. infection of the skin caused by a fungus. athletes foot, ringworm. Be careful not to pet stray kittens
  2. an epidemic that is geographically widespread. worldwide
  3. mole
  4. a benign, superficial wart-like growth on the epithelial tissue or elsewhere in the body.
  5. the origination and development of a disease

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  1. vectorany agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease. ex:mosquito, tick, flea, any arthropods


  2. diseaseRed, itchy, possibly raised blotches on the skin that often result from allergic reactions, stress


  3. adenomabenign tumor of fat cell


  4. autoimmunityreaction of immune response to one's own tissues


  5. squamous cell carcinomaType of skin cancer more serious than basal cell carcinoma; often characterized by scaly red papules or nodules.


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