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  1. enculturation
  2. alienation
  3. empathy
  4. sex
  5. race
  1. a express feelings but has not been through that situation.
  2. b 'exclusion', not belonging to the community or dominant culture.
  3. c 'genetic' the biological distinctions & features between males females, and intersexed. there are five sexes - female/male/herms/merms/ferms. (genetic determinations)
  4. d immerse yourself in your own culture. 'my culture is the right one'. no awareness of others.
  5. e people that are perceived to have distinctive hereditary characteristics.

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  1. set rules and expectations.
  2. 'majority rules the most votes'.
  3. social organizations in which males dominate females.
  4. ranks people in hierarchal order.
  5. has ovaries but also parts of the male genitalia.

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  1. statusboth ovaries and testes.


  2. genderpeople that are perceived to have distinctive hereditary characteristics.


  3. stereotypesset rules and expectations.


  4. hypodescentone drop of blood automatically makes you only a member of that race. (slave code/classification- black blood)


  5. gender system'roles.' the social norm and expectations attached by being male/female by major institutions.


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