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  1. herms
  2. dimorphic absolutes
  3. gender system
  4. human rights
  5. racialization
  1. a God given rights - entitled, emotions, respect, value & worth. it is 'alienable' - health, shelter, food, education.
  2. b the socialization system of gender roles . ex: men and masculinity
  3. c both ovaries and testes.
  4. d males trapped in female bodies and vice versa.
  5. e any previous group that hasn't been classified previously. (ex: interracial relationship, blood was supposed to be kept pure not diluted.)

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  1. 'majority rules the most votes'.
  2. 'roles.' the social norm and expectations attached by being male/female by major institutions.
  3. socially defined position a person occupies in society.
  4. the physical and endocrinological (inner makeup), viewed different from the norm. those born outside the platonic dimorphic mold.
  5. individual that looks a certain race, sounds like a certain race and is automatically "passed off" or assumed as that race.

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  1. sympathyexpress feelings and has been through that situation.


  2. enculturationimmerse yourself in your own culture. 'my culture is the right one'. no awareness of others.


  3. patriarchysocial organizations in which males dominate females.


  4. sexpeople that are perceived to have distinctive hereditary characteristics.


  5. self alienationsecluding and ostracizing yourself from the population .


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