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  1. sex
  2. hypodescent
  3. herms
  4. sexuality
  5. social stratification
  1. a one drop of blood automatically makes you only a member of that race. (slave code/classification- black blood)
  2. b ranks people in hierarchal order.
  3. c both ovaries and testes.
  4. d physical attractions, emotional, social, fantasy, behaviors and self identity.
  5. e 'genetic' the biological distinctions & features between males females, and intersexed. there are five sexes - female/male/herms/merms/ferms. (genetic determinations)

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  1. express feelings but has not been through that situation.
  2. perceived by others to have shared cultural characteristics. (language, symbols, religion)
  3. socially defined position a person occupies in society.
  4. immerse yourself in your own culture. 'my culture is the right one'. no awareness of others.
  5. individual that looks a certain race, sounds like a certain race and is automatically "passed off" or assumed as that race.

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  1. hegemonicboth ovaries and testes.


  2. gender systemthe socialization system of gender roles . ex: men and masculinity


  3. essentialismhuman behavior is essential *


  4. stereotypesrigid, over simplified exaggerated beliefs to categories of people.


  5. sympathyexpress feelings but has not been through that situation.


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