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Sadlier-Oxford Vocab Level E - Unit 8 Test

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  1. apathy
  2. deride
  3. commend
  4. multifarious
  5. parsimonious
  1. a (adjective)
    stingy, miserly; meager, poor, small
  2. b (verb)
    to ridicule, laugh at with contempt
  3. c (verb)
    to praise, express approval; to present as worthy of attention; to commit to the care of
  4. d (noun)
    a lack of feeling, emotion, or interest
  5. e (adjective)
    having great variety; numerous and diverse

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. (adjective)
    stubbornly disobedient, resisting authority
  2. (verb)
    to make ineffective or useless, cripple; to have a dulling effect on
  3. (adjective)
    old and feeble; worn-out, ruined
  4. (adjective)
    out-of-date, no longer in use
  5. (adjective)
    innocent, simple; frank, sincere

5 True/False Questions

  1. quandary(noun)
    a state of perplexity or doubt


  2. omnivorous(adjective)
    innocent, simple; frank, sincere


  3. consecrate(verb)
    to make sacred, hallow; to set apart for a special purpose


  4. revel(adjective)
    smoothly agreeable or polite; pleasing to the senses


  5. reprisal(noun)
    an injury done in return for injury


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