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  1. Characteristics that are associated with particular skin types are referred to as skin:
  2. The important part of the facial treatment that determines skin type, condition, and the recommended treatment is the:
  3. A mechanical exfoliation that uses a closed vacuum to shoot crystals into the skin is:
  4. Products that are designed to lower the pH of the skin after cleaning and aid in the removal of excess cleaning products are:
  5. The amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands determines the size of the:
  1. a Pores
  2. b Microdermabrasion
  3. c Toners
  4. d Conditions
  5. e Skin Analysis

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  1. Alfa Hydroxy Acids
  2. Moisturizers
  3. Petrissage
  4. Eye Pads
  5. Gommage

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  1. Pimples that have a pus head are called:Pustules


  2. High frequency machines have how many electrodes?One


  3. Olly or dry conditions of the skin that cannot be permanently changed, only improved with treatments, are determined by the skin:Type


  4. Salon alpha hydroxy acid exfoliants are often referred to as:One


  5. Dry skin that is not producing enough sebum is also known as:Alipidic Skin


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