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  1. A kneading movement that is performed by lifting, squeezing, and pressing tissue with light, firm pressure is:
  2. Clients who present skin abnormalities, open sores, or fever blisters should be referred to a:
  3. The important part of the facial treatment that determines skin type, condition, and the recommended treatment is the:
  4. Pimples that have a pus head are called:
  5. Olly or dry conditions of the skin that cannot be permanently changed, only improved with treatments, are determined by the skin:
  1. a Skin Analysis
  2. b Type
  3. c Pustules
  4. d Petrissage
  5. e Physician

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  1. Peels
  2. Electrode
  3. Microdermabrasion
  4. Stratum Corneum
  5. Alfa Hydroxy Acids

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  1. A Cream-type enzyme applied to the face and rolled off the skin after forming a crust is a:Gommage


  2. Massage movements should be performed using the:Cushions of the fingertips


  3. During a light ray treatment, the client's eyes should be protected with:Peels


  4. The direction of movement in massage should always be from insertion of the muscle towards the:Pores


  5. The manual or mechanical manipulation of the body by rubbing, kneading, or other movement is called:Massage


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