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  1. New Orleans Jazz
  2. computer music
  3. chorus
  4. cool jazz
  5. tone cluster
  1. a a style of jazz that emerged in the 1950s that is softer, more relaxed, and less frenzied than bebop
  2. b a dissonant sounding of several pitches, each only a half step away from the other, in a densely packed chord
  3. c a full statement of the tune around which the performers improvise
  4. d the most recent development in electronic music, it couples the computer with the electronic synthesizer to imitate the sounds of acoustical instruments as well as produce new sounds
  5. e an early style of jazz that emphasized improvisation by a small group of soloists (cornet, clarinet, and trombone) and a rhythm section

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  1. two or more meters sounding simultaneously
  2. Violin played without much vibrato
  3. music originating from rural communities and passed from generation to generation by oral tradition rather than written notation
  4. music without tonality, music without a key center; most often associated with the twentieth-century avant-garde style of Arnold Schoenberg
  5. the stacking of one triad or seventh chord on another so they sound simultaneously

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  1. rhythm sectionthe section within a jazz band, usually consisting of drums, double bass, piano, banjo, and/or guitar, that establishes the harmony and rhythm


  2. rhythm and bluesa style of early rock 'n' roll ca. 1950 characterized by a pounding quadruple meter and a raw, growling style of singing, all set within a twelve-bar blues harmony


  3. big bandNarrative song in strophic form that told a (usually sad) tale in an unemotional way


  4. jazzthe generic term for the various, more sophisticated styles that emerged from rock 'n' roll after The Beatles


  5. second Viennese Schoola six-note scale in which each pitch is a whole tone away from the next


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