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  1. twelve-tone composition
  2. rhythm section
  3. polymeter
  4. polyrhythm
  5. quarter tone music
  1. a the section within a jazz band, usually consisting of drums, double bass, piano, banjo, and/or guitar, that establishes the harmony and rhythm
  2. b a method of composing music devised by Arnold Schoenberg that has each of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale sound in a fixed, regularly recurring order
  3. c music in which the smallest interval is not the chromatic half step (as on the piano), but half of half a step
  4. d two or more meters sounding simultaneously
  5. e two or more rhythms sounding simultaneously

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  1. a movement originating in France in which artists tried to re-create the elusive sensation that an object produced upon the senses in a single, fleeting moment
  2. a seven-note scale in which the third, fifth, and seventh pitches are sometimes flat, sometimes natural, and sometimes in between
  3. Narrative song in strophic form that told a (usually sad) tale in an unemotional way
  4. the stacking of one triad or seventh chord on another so they sound simultaneously
  5. a full statement of the tune around which the performers improvise

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  1. exoticismGerman-Austrian style that sought to express the innermost feelings, anxieties, and fears that an object generated in the artist


  2. second Viennese Schoola six-note scale in which each pitch is a whole tone away from the next


  3. samplinga mellow, bouncy, flowing style of jazz that originated in the 1930s


  4. synthesizera machine that has the capacity to produce, transform, and combine electronic sounds


  5. musique concretemusic in which the composer works directly with sounds recorded on magnetic tape, not with musical notation and performers


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