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  1. fever
  2. diastolic pressure
  3. guaiac
  4. hypoventilation
  5. systolic pressure
  1. a lower pressure exerted on the artery when the heart is at rest between contraction
  2. b elevated temperature
  3. c test for blood in the stool
  4. d maximum pressure exerted on the artery during left ventricular contraction
  5. e decrease in the rate and depth of respiration

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  1. exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs and tissue
  2. difference between the apical and radial pulse
  3. a test to compare bone and air conduction of sound, performed with a tuning fork
  4. increased rate and depth with panting and long, grunting exhalation
  5. abnormal drowsiness or stupor

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  1. sphygmomanometermachine that measures oxygen in the blood


  2. auscultatory gapperiod when no sound is heard


  3. ophthalmoscopelighted instrument used for viewing the interior of the eye


  4. hypothermiadecreased levels of oxygen in the blood


  5. kyphosisincreased curve in the thoracic area


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