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Nursing Fundamentals Chapters 21 and 22 Vocabulary Test

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  1. cardiac output
  2. lethargy
  3. pulse deficit
  4. orthostatic hypotension
  5. dyspnea
  1. a difficult and labored breathing
  2. b abnormal drowsiness or stupor
  3. c pulse rate multiplied by stroke volume
  4. d difference between the apical and radial pulse
  5. e drop in blood pressure occuring with change from supine to standing or from sitting to standing position

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. decrease in the rate and depth of respiration
  2. normal relaxed breathing pattern
  3. abatement(stopping) of fever
  4. visual examination for detection of abnormal signs or qualities
  5. amount of blood that is pushed out of the heart per beat

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  1. otoscopea term for a painful lesion of the skin or mucous membrance


  2. tachypneaslow and shallow breathing


  3. ecchymosisbluish discoloration


  4. crisisabrupt decline in fever


  5. petechiaefreely open


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