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  1. wheeze
  2. crisis
  3. hypothermia
  4. serosanguineous
  5. ecchymosis
  1. a blue or purplish patch on the skin or mucous membrane that is not elevated, bruising
  2. b whistling sound of air forced past a partial obstruction as found in asthma or emphysema
  3. c abrupt decline in fever
  4. d subnormal(below) body temperature
  5. e composed of serum and blood

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  1. freely open
  2. abnormal accumulation of serous fuild within the perinoeal cavity
  3. one or three normal breath sounds that occur between the sounds of the central chest of back
  4. a noise in the ears such as ringing, buzzing or roaring
  5. sense of smell

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  1. woundany objective evidence of disease or dysfunction


  2. turgorelasticity


  3. extension posturetissue damage or abnormality


  4. defervescenceelevated temperature


  5. vertigoany objective evidence of disease or dysfunction


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