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  1. hyperventilation
  2. hypoxia
  3. apnea
  4. stroke volume
  5. sore
  1. a absense of breathing
  2. b increase in the rate and depth of respiration and carbon dioxide is expelled
  3. c a term for a painful lesion of the skin or mucous membrance
  4. d state of insufficient oxygen
  5. e amount of blood that is pushed out of the heart per beat

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  1. pulse rate multiplied by stroke volume
  2. device used to directly measure blood pressure
  3. temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and pain level
  4. mucous secretions of the lungs ejected through the mouth
  5. jerky movements

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  1. respirationvisual examination for detection of abnormal signs or qualities


  2. vertigoa sensation of rotation or whirling movement; dizziness


  3. jugular venous distentionvisible thickening of the jugular veins when the patient is positioned sitting in bed at 15-35 degree angle; assessed as a sign of congestive heart failure or overhydration


  4. otoscopelighted instrument used for viewing the interior of the eye


  5. ascitesabnormal accumulation of serous fuild within the perinoeal cavity


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