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Nursing Fundamentals Chapters 21 and 22 Vocabulary Test

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  1. tuning fork
  2. oximetry
  3. ecchymosis
  4. Kussmaul's respirations
  5. auscultation
  1. a blue or purplish patch on the skin or mucous membrane that is not elevated, bruising
  2. b measurement of oxygen
  3. c increased rate and depth with panting and long, grunting exhalation
  4. d a forked metal instrument used to test hearing and the sense of vibration
  5. e hearing

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. excessive sweat production
  2. abnormal sound heard on auscultation, a kind of swishing sound
  3. period when no sound is heard
  4. any objective evidence of disease or dysfunction
  5. condition of ciculatory failure

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  1. hypertensionblood pressure consistently elevated above the normal range


  2. edemaelevated temperature


  3. nystagmusjerky movements


  4. sigmoidoscopylighted instrument used to visualize the tympanic membrane and interior of the ear canal


  5. tinnitusa noise in the ears such as ringing, buzzing or roaring


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