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  1. tachycardia
  2. petechiae
  3. sore
  4. cognitive
  5. metabolism
  1. a a term for a painful lesion of the skin or mucous membrance
  2. b pulse greater than 100 beats per minute
  3. c cellular chemical reactions in the body
  4. d relating to the mental process of knowing, remembering, relating, connected thinking
  5. e pinpoint, round, purplish red spots that are not raised caused by intradermal or submucosal hemorrhage

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  1. blue or purplish patch on the skin or mucous membrane that is not elevated, bruising
  2. quarter
  3. abrupt decline in fever
  4. pronounced lateral curvature of the spine
  5. a high-pitched respiratory sound that often indicates narrowed airways;common in patients with asthma

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  1. percussiontapping


  2. erythemanormal relaxed breathing pattern


  3. bruita term for a painful lesion of the skin or mucous membrance


  4. bradypneanormal relaxed breathing pattern


  5. Cheyne-Stokes respirationsconsist of a pattern of dyspnea followed by a shore period of apnea


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