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  1. lesions
  2. weber test
  3. patent
  4. orientation
  5. scar
  1. a awareness of one's invironment with reference to place, time, and people
  2. b freely open
  3. c a mark remaining after the healing of a wound
  4. d a test of bone conduction of sound performed with a tuning fork placed in the center of the forehead of the skull
  5. e tissue damage or abnormality

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  1. visual examination for detection of abnormal signs or qualities
  2. bloody
  3. increased curve in the thoracic area
  4. mucous secretions of the lungs ejected through the mouth
  5. sounds heard during the taking of a BP reading with a sphygmomanometer

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  1. sorea term for a painful lesion of the skin or mucous membrance


  2. crisiswet sounds heard when auscultating the lungs; newer term for rhonchi; also occur in the bowel


  3. vital signstemperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and pain level


  4. bradycardiaindicates a slow pulse that is less than 60 beats per minute


  5. tachycardiaindicates a slow pulse that is less than 60 beats per minute


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