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  1. chromosomes
  2. Differentiate
  3. RNA (Ribonucleic acid ) .
  4. Organelles
  5. anatomy
  1. a What we call it when cells begin to become different from the original cell.
  2. b DNA is packaged into units called _________________. Your body has 46 of these units.
  3. c The DNA's messenger, which copies part of the information that is in the DNA and then leaves the nucleus
  4. d the study of the human body, all its parts, and how it"s put together.
  5. e Small structures within a cell. The word means "little organs". Also referred to as "Cell appliances". Generic term referring to small structures.

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  1. The idea that living things can spring from non-living things.
  2. These are strung together to make a gene.
  3. Organelles that protect the cell from foreign invaders and and break down chemicals.
  4. the wall around the cell
  5. Tiny organisms (such as those sometimes found in pigs)

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  1. ER .REfers to the Endoplasmic reticulum which transports chemicals and gets rid of waste in a cell


  2. TissueA group of cells of the same type


  3. Nuclear MembraneThe membrane that surrounds the nucleus.


  4. CytoplasmThe jelly-like substance within a cell in which all the organelles float.


  5. organismsA group of tissues that work together to form a special body function.


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