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  1. chromosomes
  2. cadavers
  3. physiology
  4. Tissue
  5. mitochondria
  1. a dead bodies
  2. b the study of how all the systems of the body work
  3. c the organelles inside a cell that give the cell power
  4. d DNA is packaged into units called _________________. Your body has 46 of these units.
  5. e A group of cells of the same type

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  1. What we call it when cells begin to become different from the original cell.
  2. REfers to the Endoplasmic reticulum which transports chemicals and gets rid of waste in a cell
  3. The membrane that surrounds the nucleus.
  4. The jelly-like substance within a cell in which all the organelles float.
  5. These are strung together to make a gene.

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  1. Cell Membranethe wall around the cell


  2. Golgi BodiesOrganelles that protect the cell from foreign invaders and and break down chemicals.


  3. OrganellesSmall structures within a cell. The word means "little organs". Also referred to as "Cell appliances". Generic term referring to small structures.


  4. Spontaneous GenerationThe membrane that surrounds the nucleus.


  5. anatomythe study of the human body, all its parts, and how it"s put together.


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