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  1. Vincent's disease is caused by:
  2. Weil's Disease
  3. Lime disease agents
  4. how long are IgM antibodies produced in response to lyme disease infection?
  5. what is the cause for as much as 15-20% of non-gonococcal urethritis
  1. a months to years
  2. b Borrelia burgdorferi
    B. garinii
    B. afzelii and
    B. valaisiana
  3. c treponema (spirochete)
    causes acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
    look at methylene blue stained material from the lesions
  4. d
    M. genitalium
  5. e
    same as Icteric Leptospirosis
    -the most severe illness caused by leptospira
    -liver dysfunction

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  1. serologically
  2. all stages
    -larva, nymph and adult
  3. VDRL- venereal disease research lab test
    RPR- rapid plasma reagin test
    (both are FLOCCULATION or AGGLUTINATION tests)

  4. by louse or tick carrying Borrelia recurrentis
  5. treponemal- produced against antigens of the organisms themselves
    non treponema- produced by infected patients against components of mammalian cells

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  1. Insertion Disksa zoonosis with a worldwide distribution


  2. Spirochete IDa zoonosis with a worldwide distribution


  3. the disease yaws is caused byT. pallidum subspecies of pertenue


  4. How long does a tick need to be attached to a host before it transmit disease?all stages
    -larva, nymph and adult


  5. What is the most common vector-borne disease in North America and Europe?Lyme disease


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