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  1. two most widely used NON treponemal serologic tests:
  2. because mycoplasmas have no cell wall, they are highly susceptible to what?
  3. All borreliae that cause disease in the US are transmitted via tick bites an are named after what?
  4. which stages do ticks need to be in to harbor spirochetes and transmit disease?
  5. In cultivation, only M. pneumoniae and one variant of U. urealyticum do what to RBC's?
  1. a the tick from which they are recovered.
  2. b all stages
    -larva, nymph and adult
  3. c drying out
    - use transport media, especially when specimens are collected on swabs
  4. d
    hemadsorb them (RBCs stick to the colonies)
  5. e VDRL- venereal disease research lab test
    RPR- rapid plasma reagin test
    (both are FLOCCULATION or AGGLUTINATION tests)

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  1. ELISA
    because it's quick, reproducible and relatively inexpensive
  2. slender with tight coils
  3. because of the many antigenic shifts Borrelia organisms undergo during disease course
  4. atypical pneumonia
  5. resemble borrelia except for their hooked ends

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  1. In what area of the human body are mycoplasmas considered normal flora?
    upper respiratory tract
    GU tract


  2. What causes venereal syphilis?Treponema pallidum


  3. Borrelia burgdorferi, which is a lyme disease agent, is transmitted through which tick?Ixodes tick


  4. Axial Febrils
    Long, slender, helically curved, gram negative bacilli


  5. what makes mycoplasmas unlike all other bacteriaferments glucose to lactic acid so pH change will be evident


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