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  1. Why can serology testing for relapsing fever caused by lyme disease be unreliable?
  2. what is developed in tertiary - or late stage syphilis?
  3. two genera of the Mycoplasmataceae family
  4. what is the primary screening method for measuring lyme disease antibodies?
  5. What causes venereal syphilis?
  1. a Mycoplasma
  2. b ELISA
    because it's quick, reproducible and relatively inexpensive
  3. c Treponema pallidum
  4. d
    -granuloma-like lesions in any organ
  5. e because of the many antigenic shifts Borrelia organisms undergo during disease course

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  1. Giemsa stain

  2. corkscrew-like
  3. slender with tight coils
  4. PCR
  5. serology test - the standard for lyme disease testing

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  1. Mycoplasma pneumoniae cultivationGiemsa stain


  2. Nonspecific production of cold agglutinins occurs in 50% of patients with what?atypical pneumonia


  3. Weil's Diseaseplate-like structures that attach the fibrils within the cell wall
    -on spirochetes


  4. spirochete- leptospira category IDresemble borrelia except for their hooked ends


  5. Borrelia burgdorferi, which is a lyme disease agent, is transmitted through which tick?Ixodes


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