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  1. animosity
  2. confront
  3. compliant
  4. transfixed
  5. squander
  1. a to come face to face with; to oppose
  2. b to waste
  3. c Motionless with amazement or horror
  4. d submissive; yielding
  5. e a feeling of resentment that could lead to violence; hostility

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  1. unavoidable, bound to happen
  2. stubborn; clinging, usually unreasonably, to an opinion, purpose or course
  3. bold, daring
  4. powerless
  5. the state of being successful or flourishing

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  1. hostileunfriendly; unfavorable to one`s well-being


  2. provoketo make angry; to annoy; to arouse to action or feeling


  3. persevereto keep on, to persist


  4. indignantangry about something that is unfair, mean or bad


  5. gravityseriousness


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