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  1. compel
  2. fathom
  3. presume
  4. confront
  5. inevitable
  1. a to come face to face with; to oppose
  2. b unavoidable, bound to happen
  3. c to comprehend in depth
  4. d to suppose to be true; to act without permission or authority
  5. e to force

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  1. peacefully, calmly
  2. with feelings of deep respect
  3. to make a firm decision; to bring to a conclusion
  4. to keep on, to persist
  5. to be determined or established

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  1. contemplatesubmissive; yielding


  2. frivolousdangerous


  3. endeavorto be uncertain; to fluctuate; to swing back and forth


  4. vehementlywith feelings of deep respect


  5. prosperityseriousness


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