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  1. What does "myth" mean in reference to the first 11 chapters of Genesis?
  2. What does the fact that it is divided into 5 sections signify?
  3. What does apocalyptic (encourage suffering people) mean?
  4. Describe the Son of Man in Daniel 7:13-14.
  5. What is the "abomination of desolation" and what Jewish festival celebrated its removal?
  1. a Is given power and glory and he is brought to the throne of god (and seated at the right hand of the Lord)
  2. b The statue of Zeus in the book of Maccabees; Hanukkah
  3. c Remind them of the Torah (1st 5 books of the bible)
  4. d revalation
  5. e Myth means a deeper spiritual truth than ordinary pros would

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  1. The belief in the afterlife
  2. There is only one God, creation is good, creation comes about through the word and liturgical interests/Sabbath services
  3. Burying underwear makes it dirty and rotten and symbolizes people because they are rotten because they were unfaithful Buying a piece of land and burying the deed in the ground is a message of hope
  4. Sheppard are the elders (leaders); people are the sheep; God said he will replace the bad Sheppard and be the Sheppard himself
  5. Two ways or Deuteronimist theology

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  1. At least how many authors are there of Job?Reality is a mystery


  2. What is the Book of Psalms?3 different authors Historical- Isaiah of Jerusalem (before exile) chapters 1-39 After exile- chapters 40-55 written by his disciples/followers After exile- chapters 56-66 written by his disciples/followers


  3. Ezekiel is called the Father of what?Ezekiel is the father of Judaism


  4. Explain the 3 Isaiahs.The hymn book of the second temple


  5. Explain Jeremiah 31:31ff and the New Covenant.Book of constellations; Good news of announcing the return after end the exile and new exodusDesert signifies the time of the people in the desert when the people were faithful


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