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  1. paleoanthropology
  2. archaeological site
  3. Megaliths
  4. Cultural Resources Management
  5. anthropology
  1. a Large stones that have been modified and often transported by humans
  2. b The study of fossil hominid remains and any associated evidence such as footprints
  3. c The practice of managing traditional, historical, and material culture
  4. d A place where historic or prehistoric evidence of past human activity is preserved
  5. e A discipline dedicated to the study of humans culturally and biologically

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  1. The study of changes in sea level because of glaciation
  2. A geographical region characterized by the presence of a homogeneous cultural group
  3. The study of past populations based on archaeological excavation of goods and their interpretation through historical analogy
  4. The implication that objects recovered from the same archaeological layer under similar situations were most likely deposited at the same time
  5. The practice of safeguarding structures deemed to have historical significance

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  1. Law of SuperpositionThe assumption that older sediment layers are on the bottom and younger layers are on the top


  2. artifactNatural items associated with archaeological sites which are not modified by humans, but may give insights into diet, culture, and lifeways


  3. PaleoeconomyIn archaeology, the study of how a site forms over time. In paleontology, the study of how organic remains become fossilized


  4. TaphonomyAn archaeological model for dividing artifacts into subgroups or categories to help determine their relationships


  5. prehistoryThe history of humankind before writing


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