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  1. zooarchaeology
  2. Law of association
  3. anthropology
  4. Ethnography
  5. historic preservation
  1. a A discipline dedicated to the study of humans culturally and biologically
  2. b A written study of a culture, often the result of extensive fieldwork
  3. c The study of animal remains in an archaeological context
  4. d The practice of safeguarding structures deemed to have historical significance
  5. e The implication that objects recovered from the same archaeological layer under similar situations were most likely deposited at the same time

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  1. The history of humankind before writing
  2. The successive formation of layers over time in an archaeological site
  3. The study of changes in the coastline of the earth's crust because of receding glaciers
  4. The use of ethnography to make a comparative study of multiple cultures or regions.
  5. This study only focuses on areas related to past economy and associated goods

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  1. Number of identified specimensThe practice of managing traditional, historical, and material culture


  2. MegalithsLarge stones that have been modified and often transported by humans


  3. archaeologyThe study of animal remains in an archaeological context


  4. featureAny non-portable artifact, such as a burial, wall, fire pit, or midden


  5. artifactNatural items associated with archaeological sites which are not modified by humans, but may give insights into diet, culture, and lifeways


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