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  1. Number of identified specimens
  2. Ethnography
  3. Cultural Resources Management
  4. paleoanthropology
  5. Ethnology
  1. a Quantification system where each found part is counted as one specimen
  2. b The practice of managing traditional, historical, and material culture
  3. c The study of fossil hominid remains and any associated evidence such as footprints
  4. d The use of ethnography to make a comparative study of multiple cultures or regions.
  5. e A written study of a culture, often the result of extensive fieldwork

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  1. A place where historic or prehistoric evidence of past human activity is preserved
  2. The successive formation of layers over time in an archaeological site
  3. The rebuilding of archaeological sites or features
  4. A law that provides protection for Native American burials and helps groups have a voice in the treatment and study of individuals scientifically determined to be their biological ancestors
  5. A discipline dedicated to the study of humans culturally and biologically

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  1. stratigraphic controlThe successive formation of layers over time in an archaeological site


  2. cultural traditionAny belief or activity that is passed on from one generation to the next within a human group


  3. prehistoryThe history of humankind before writing


  4. preservation biasThe process of removing stratified layers to uncover archaeological evidence


  5. artifactAny object made or modified by humans


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