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  1. stratigraphic control
  2. ecofact
  3. Law of Superposition
  4. historic preservation
  5. feature
  1. a Any non-portable artifact, such as a burial, wall, fire pit, or midden
  2. b The practice of safeguarding structures deemed to have historical significance
  3. c The mapping and excavation of a site in layers, keeping artifacts separate by location and depth
  4. d The assumption that older sediment layers are on the bottom and younger layers are on the top
  5. e Natural items associated with archaeological sites which are not modified by humans, but may give insights into diet, culture, and lifeways

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  1. The successive formation of layers over time in an archaeological site
  2. The study of changes in the coastline of the earth's crust because of receding glaciers
  3. The history of humankind before writing
  4. A geographical region characterized by the presence of a homogeneous cultural group
  5. A written study of a culture, often the result of extensive fieldwork

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  1. surveyAn archaeological method of searching a specified area for unknown archaeology sites or features


  2. archaeologyThe study of animal remains in an archaeological context


  3. TypologyAn archaeological model for dividing artifacts into subgroups or categories to help determine their relationships


  4. TaphonomyIn archaeology, the study of how a site forms over time. In paleontology, the study of how organic remains become fossilized


  5. archaeological siteThe rebuilding of archaeological sites or features


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