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  1. Gap Junctions
  2. Mitochondria
  3. Most Porkaryotes:
  4. Archae
  5. Tight Junctions
  1. a Makes most of the ATP.
    Powerhouse of the cell.
  2. b Leakproof barrier
  3. c Are benign and beneficial
  4. d Thrive in extreme environments
  5. e Protein tubes, like straws going from one cell to the other. Allows for cells to communicate to each other.

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  1. Membrane-bound sacs that transport substance to parts of the cell.
  2. Takes place in organelles called chloroplasts.
  3. Have thick cell walls made of cellulose.
    Have chloroplasts
  4. High surface are to volume ratio
  5. Railroad tracks within a cell.

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  1. Cytoskeleton's PurposeGives the cell strength.
    Gives the cell movement.


  2. Smooth ERMakes Proteins, Makes Membrane


  3. ProkaryotesInclude Archae and Bacteria.
    No Nucleus
    Cell wall outside their plasma membrane
    Single celled organisms


  4. EukaryotesTrue Nucleus
    Membrane bound organelles
    Multi celled organisms


  5. Anchoring JunctionsVery elastic, can stretch without tearing.


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