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  1. sciatica
  2. contracture
  3. hinge joint
  4. pectoralis major
  5. extension
  1. a straightening motion that increases the angle between two bones
  2. b inflammation of the sciatic nerve, marked by pain and tenderness along the path of thenerve through the thigh and leg
  3. c joint that allows movement in one direction. back and forth
  4. d large fan shaped muscle that crosses the upper part of the front of the test. forms the anterior border of axilla(armpit)
  5. e an abnormal(usually permanent) bending of a joint into a fixed position. usually caused by atrophy and shortening of muscle fibers

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  1. abnormal outward curvature of a portion of the spine. (humpback)
  2. smaller muscle located above the upper outer quadrant of the gluteus maximus muscle. Helps abduct thigh. Originates from the posterior part of the ilium and inserts in the greater trochanter of the femur
  3. joint pain
  4. movement of the bone away from the body
  5. turning of bone on it's own axis

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  1. adductionmovement of the bone toward the body


  2. joint cavityspace between 2 connecting bones


  3. gastrocnemiussurgical puncture of a joint with a needle for the purpose of withdrawing fluid for analysis


  4. supinationact of turning palm down or backward


  5. ball and socket jointa joint that allows movements in mabny directions around a central point


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