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  1. abduction
  2. viscous
  3. subluxation
  4. arthralgia
  5. contracture
  1. a an abnormal(usually permanent) bending of a joint into a fixed position. usually caused by atrophy and shortening of muscle fibers
  2. b an incomplete dislocation
  3. c sticky; gelatinous
  4. d pain in the joints; symptom present in many joint diseases
  5. e movement of the bone away from the body

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  1. an acute recurrent inflammatory infection transmitted through the bite of an infected deer tic
  2. chronic, systemic, inflammatory disease that effects multiple joints of the body,mainly the small peripheral joints such as those in the hands and feet
  3. act of turning palm down or backward
  4. "muscle pull" injury to the body of the muscle or attachment of the tendon. over stretching/overextension
  5. increased reaction of the skin to sunlight

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  1. arthritisjoint pain


  2. joint cavityturning of bone on it's own axis


  3. sciaticainflammation of the sciatic nerve, marked by pain and tenderness along the path of thenerve through the thigh and leg


  4. torsosmall sac containing synovial fluid for lubricating the area around joint where the most friction occurs


  5. fasciamotion that decreases the angle between 2 bones


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