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muscles and joints ch 7 Test

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  1. flexion
  2. strains
  3. subluxation
  4. muscular dystrophy
  5. arthralgia
  1. a "muscle pull" injury to the body of the muscle or attachment of the tendon. over stretching/overextension
  2. b joint pain
  3. c a group of genetically transmitted disorders characterized by progressive symmetrical wasting of skeletal muscles. onset of M.D. is early in life. no evidence of nerve involvement or degeneration of nervous tissue
  4. d motion that decreases the angle between 2 bones
  5. e an incomplete dislocation

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  1. an acute recurrent inflammatory infection transmitted through the bite of an infected deer tic
  2. an abnormal(usually permanent) bending of a joint into a fixed position. usually caused by atrophy and shortening of muscle fibers
  3. muscles that have striped apperances when viewed under a microscope.
    ex-skeletal/cardiac muscles
  4. a cystic tumor or development on a tendon; sometimes occuring on the back of the wrist
  5. A.K.A-degenerative joint disease. results from wear and tear on the joints. especially weight bearing joints like hip and knees

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  1. plantar flectionfoot bending downward at the ankle like a ballet dancer


  2. rotationact of turning palm down or backward


  3. bunionectomyabnormal enlargement of joint at the base of the great toe


  4. goutmain part of the body


  5. extensionstraightening motion that increases the angle between two bones


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