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  1. gout
  2. tendon
  3. rotator cuff tear
  4. arthralgia
  5. insertion
  1. a joint pain
  2. b the point of attachment of a muscle to a bone that is more moveable
  3. c strong fibrous band of tissue that extends from a muscle attaching it to the bone by becoming continuous with the periosteum of the bone
  4. d a form of acute arthritis that is characterized by inflammation of the first metatarsal joint of the great toe
  5. e tear in the muscle that forms a "cuff" over the upper end of the arm. cuff helps to lift and rotate arm and hold the head of the humerus in place

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  1. originates from the vertabrae of the lower back, crosses the lower half of the thoracic region and passes between the humerus and scapula to insert on the anterior surface of the3 humerus. Forms the posterior border of axilla(armpit)
  2. space between 2 connecting bones
  3. surgical removal of ganglion
  4. clicking or cracking heard upon joint movement
  5. surgical puncture of a joint with a needle for the purpose of withdrawing fluid for analysis

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  1. strainsthe point of attachment of a muscle to a bone that is less moveable.


  2. buccinatoract of turning the palms upward or forward


  3. photosensitivityspace between 2 connecting bones


  4. temporallocated above and near the ear


  5. massetervague feeling of weakness


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