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  1. kyphosis
  2. buccinator
  3. arthrocentesis
  4. articular cartilage
  5. temporal
  1. a thin layer of cartilage protecting and covering the connective surfaces of the bone
  2. b surgical puncture of a joint with a needle for the purpose of withdrawing fluid for analysis
  3. c abnormal outward curvature of a portion of the spine. (humpback)
  4. d muscles located in the fleshy part of the cheek
  5. e located above and near the ear

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  1. muscles that have striped apperances when viewed under a microscope.
    ex-skeletal/cardiac muscles
  2. straightening motion that increases the angle between two bones
  3. vague feeling of weakness
  4. increased reaction of the skin to sunlight
  5. tear in the muscle that forms a "cuff" over the upper end of the arm. cuff helps to lift and rotate arm and hold the head of the humerus in place

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  1. plantar flectionfoot bending downward at the ankle like a ballet dancer


  2. rotationturning of bone on it's own axis


  3. hinge jointjoint that allows movement in one direction. back and forth


  4. tendonstrong fibrous band of tissue that extends from a muscle attaching it to the bone by becoming continuous with the periosteum of the bone


  5. strains"muscle pull" injury to the body of the muscle or attachment of the tendon. over stretching/overextension


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